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Diwali Sweets Recipes 2016 | 57 Diwali Sweets

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Diwali - the festival of lights is on Nov 11th and I am sure many of you must have started preparing the sweets and savories for the upcoming festival.No festival is complete without sweets and especially for Diwali one likes to indulge in a lot of varieties of sweet. I have compiled a list of sweets across various categories - ranging from kheer to traditional sweets to several others that are specially prepared to distribute among friends and family.
Check out the various sweet treats and do prepare them and enjoy with your friends and family and have a great Diwali. Another aspect of Diwali, is the preparation of sweets at home - its fun and keeps the festive spirit soaring - so if you dont have much time you can prepare some of the simple sweet varieties highlighted below - these include - Kesar Peda ,Paneer Peda ,7 Cups Cake all Payasam recipes.

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       Ariselu(Adhirasam)             Karanji                         Kobbari Boorelu  
        7 Cups Cake                   Sooji Coconut Burfi                Coconut Burfi
      Dry Fruits Ladoo                   Kobbari Louse                Sunni Undalu
       Peanut Laddu                  Rava Laddu                         Til(Sesame) Laddu

       Aval(Poha) Laddu        Koa Kobbari Kajjikayalu         Moong Dal Ladoo  
       Khoya Jamun             Kesar Peda                             Milk Powder Gulab Jamun
        Madatha Kaja                      Dry Fruit Burfi                      Sweet Diamond Cuts

       Paneer Peda                  Coconut Choco Truffles       Oats-Nuts Ladoo

        Rabdi                                         Shahi Tukra                  Sago Halwa

       Carrot Halwa                     Beet-Carrot Halwa                Kasi(Ash gourd) Halwa

       Puran Poli                      Garugu Holige                          Til(Nuvvula) Holige                    
        Groundnut Holige           Crispy Sugar Poli                    Sajjappa
      Kayi Holige              Boorelu/Poornalu                     Moong Dal Kheer

       Semiya Kheer                    Sooji ki Kheer                     Carrot Kheer

       Sago Kheer                   Rice Chana Dal Kheer          Poppy Seed  Payasam

          Semiya Kesari                 Komala Kheer                Makhana Kheer 
       Mango Sheera                     Pineapple Kesari                     Mango Burfi
     Chana Dal Payasam             Poha Kheer                           Fox Millet Kheer 

     Basundi                               Lauki Halwa                              Carrot Phirni

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