Saturday, November 7, 2015

Diwali Snacks Recipes | Diwali Savories 2016

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Diwali is just a few days ahead and I am sure most of you would be planning to prepare lot of sweets and savories for Diwali.
I had earlier posted a list of Diwali Sweets ,where I had compiled all the special sweets recipes at one place.If you have not checked that page please check it here for more ideas for this Diwali..I have included the various snack varieties of vada, bajji and bonda in the list so that it would be easy for those who can plan for them to make at the last moment during Diwali.
Check out How to make Processed RICE FLOUR  at home to  make these savories and snacks.

         Chakli                                   Thengolu                             Spicy Seedai
            Kodubale                                  Benne Murukku                      Nippatu

         Manugu Poolu                 Ribbon Pakoda                       Sago Murukku
        Plain Ribbon Murukku         Spicy(Khara) Sev             Ompodi/Plain Sev
      Moong dal Murukku          Avarekalu Mixture              Masala Peanuts

        Chekkalu/Thattai            Garlic Kara Sev                  Karam Gavvalu           

       Spicy Chickpeas                 Spicy Makhana                        Poha Chiwda

       Spicy Diamond Cuts          Kara Pori                         Spicy Puffed Sago

Pakora/Vada Varieties

           Raw Banana Bajji          Babycorn Pakora                  Cabbage Pakora

Ambode                       Masala Vada                    Medu Vada

          Mosaru Kodubale            Punugulu             Stuffed Okra & Eggplant Bonda

Mosaru Ambode           Lobia Vada                    Perugu Vada

    Sago Bonda                    Dahi Bhalla                   Maddur Vada 

Check out Diwali Sweets Collection here.


A.Ramakrishna said...

So nice to come across such a great feasts and mouth watering recipes eapecially festive specials.

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