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Sunday, February 22, 2009


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A Warm Welcome to all of you!!

Who am I ??
I am Prathibha,the person behind the blog - The Chef and Her Kitchen which is based on pure vegetarian recipes (eggs sparingly used in cakes).I am an electronics engineer and worked as a programmer for a few years. I have lived in India most of my life and largely in Andhra and Karnataka and my food style is influenced by the local cuisine in these places. I have been exposed to International cuisine too when I moved to Hong Kong post marriage as my hubby was based there. My daily cooking ritual started there and so did my experiments with food. My stint with blogging commenced only after we moved to India though. My blog is now over 3+ years old and has evolved over the years to its present form.Blogging gave me an opportunity to try various modern recipes and also our treasured traditional ones ,which I would not have attempted otherwise overwhelmed by the complexity of recipes.I have started baking only after I started my blog and have successfully baked many cakes and breads which were appreciated by family and friends.

I am a foodie and love various kinds of cuisines. I relish anything which is tasty,I don't mind a chaat from a local chaat wala or a fine dining experience in a good restaurant just that food should be tasty.I have explored several International cuisines ranging from Italian to Chinese, Egyptian, Mexican, Spanish.I intend to post as many recipes as I can in my blog over a period of time.At heart though, I still prefer south Indian food and even a simple meal like rasam and rice can make my day.

I do watch television and most of the time I would end up watching a cookery show and language is not a barrier. I have scribbled several recipes from these shows which I refer occasionally. My most favorite show so far is Master Chef Australia, which I have been following from the last couple of seasons.

The various sources for my recipes which you see in my blog are from my mom, MIL, friends, relatives, my recipe collection, cook books,TV shows and fellow bloggers.How ever I do give a credit to the source if I try from them and I hope even you would do the same if you try from my blog.

The key motivation for this blog is my passion for cooking. I love to cook and feed people more than I love eating what I make. The encouraging comments from my fellow bloggers motivate me to try something new and kept me active in blogging.What else motivates a food blogger like me the most other than readers trying my recipes and giving me feedback.

For those looking for a feel of my blog , I would suggest you to scroll through my Recipe Index which would give you a good idea of my blog and also give you a flavor of the various kinds of traditional Kannada and Andhra recipes among others.

A lot of effort goes in writing posts,clicking the pics of foods, editing them and presenting them across. Please do not copy or produce the same content with out my permission. I hope you understand.

Contact Me:
If you have any queries related to my recipes or any thing related to food or if you would like to request for a new recipe, please drop a mail to thechefandherkitchen@gmail.com or leave a comment in this page.I would be glad to help you.I am all ears to your suggestions,so kindly let me know if you think I should know or implement something more in my blog.


Anonymous said...

Simply super...keep post the receipes....Thanks

Priti S said...

Good to known more about you dear ...I never knew you worked before :) .....great going and wish you all the best

Roopa said...

yummy recipes,tried few of them ,2day DBD came out well.useful blog,ty

Prathibha said...

@ Roopa..Thanks for your feedback Roopa..

Radha Vasydevan said...

Excellent. I am unable to get it in USA. I am coming back to chennai in couple of days time. Please let me know where can I get it

Anonymous said...

I m very surprised that u being an engineer gives ur time for this wonderful job...hatts off to u...i went through many of ur recipies they r just mouth watering....a very good blog!!

Sunil Poreyana said...

wow this is simply amazing... will try your recipes

Anonymous said...

I visited this web site for the first time.
And I really like the variety of, recipes you
have for Oats.
Love your site Chef!

Anonymous said...

Hi Prathy,
Though you have shared this 3 years ago, i didn't get chance to go through. Infact didn't get chance to cook :').Today on wards i am gonna refer.
Guess me...!!!

prathibha Garre said...

@anonymous - its really tough to guess who it is but I am sure it should be one of my close pals..I would be very happy to know who it is...who finally got some time to check my blog..;)

Suma said...

It is very sad that you couldn't recognize me. its Sumo

prathibha Garre said...

Suma, I was 99% sure that it would be you only..the moment u said u dint get chance 2 cook,u r d only one who came 2 my mind..But I did not want 2 take that 1% chance..Thats the reason I mentioned it should be one of my close pals..and don't you think I guessed with that statement??..Thank you madam for finally taking time 2 see my blog..

Anonymous said...

Hi pratipha,
Can u suggest me some good baby food for my 15months old girl baby?

Anonymous said...

Hi Prathibha, I am Sudha, a lawyer and a very bad cook. tried ur few recipes with my moms help and they turned out really well, so thankyou dear.

prathibha Garre said...

@Sudha - Thanks for ur feedback,i am glad u ppl liked it..Keep cooking and lemme know ur feedback

Dhivya Anand said...

Lovely blog Prathiba..We are also veggies and so far I just visited ur cakes and puddings and they are too good..

Anonymous said...

Good Job done. Keep it u. All the Best.


Anonymous said...

Hi Prathiba, I am a great fan of ur blog. I have tried most of your gravies and has turned out really well.

I need ur assistance as I am looking out for unique north Indian gravies preferably in Aloo ,other than the usual combinations.

prathibha Garre said...

@ anonymous...I am glad that you tried my gravies and liked them too....
aloo is a very versatile vegetable which can be paired with many other vegetables to prepare tasty sabzis..I would surely try to post few recipes with alu in my blog...you can try various combinations like aloo simla mirch, aloo baingan, til waale aloo, dry waala aloo matar,aloo mangodi sabzi,aloo parwal or aloo gawarphali..aloo can be paired literally with anything..i would suggest you to try dum aloo chutney waale,its really a unique and tasty recipe..http://www.chefandherkitchen.com/2010/12/dum-aloo-chutney-wale.html

priyanka tammireddy said...

Hi...I am very much attracted to the blog and your presentation of the recipes...going thru the blog since yesterday..till now tried 4 recipes..all are very tasty..good to know more about you here..

My best wishes for you :)

prathibha Garre said...

@priyanka thanks for your comment...nice to know that u already tried few recipes and liked them too..

Anonymous said...


I am so excited to find your blog. My friend came back from India with some homemade sun-dried lemon Andhra pickles which I absolutely love! I've always taken my Mom's cooking forgranted.

Thank you for your blog! I can now learn some authentic South Asian cooking!

Jayanthi said...

simply superb! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Hatts off! for the wonderful job. I have tried many many recipes from your blog. Every time the result is just delicious. You never fail me. Great go!

prathibha Garre said...

@anonymous..thanks for your lovely comment..I m glad that everything came out nice..

ANU said...

Hi Prathibha,

My first time here.....luv your space full of beautiful looking recipes...

Happy to follow you ....

Would appreciate if you visit mine....

Anu's Healthy Kitchen

Anonymous said...


My dear No words to appreciate. All the dishes are colourful, mouthwatering. This is the first time I am looking somewhat different dishes and all the dishes are exceptional. Good luck.

eeshu babu said...

What a wonderful Site Prathibha, I really admire your decent way of presenting the recipes. I have been looking for various podis which they serve in andhra restaurants on the table. Looks like I found all of them at your site. Thanks again.. Keep adding.. I see you innovative in making new receipes as well.


Anonymous said...

Good recipes.I would like to know different recipes of avurekayi mainly avurekayi uthappam

Sabeen @ Mumchic said...

Hi Prathibha,

Loving your blog, stopping by to say hi :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Ms Pratiba!
Stumbled upon your blog for the first time today and am glad. Liked your nungu recipe, am goin to try it ASAP. Not e excited to know you are from bangarapet,am from Kgf!
Kudos, keep you good work!
Shobha CM

Preethi Kp said...

Love ur blog and receipes..

Charu Raghavan said...

Hi Prathy,
I'm totally floored with your blog! You make all the recipes seem so eas and give people like me who are new to cooking an amazing confidence to cook!

Hats off to your passion and your effort to put all this into a blog! :)
Keep up the good work!

Best wishes and Kind Regards,

prathibha Garre said...

@charu...thanks for such a lovely comment..

Triveni Srinath said...

Fan of your blog, Prathibha. I have a similar AP/KARNATAKA background and can appreciate the recipes you post here as well as on FB. Thanks for what you do.


prathibha Garre said...

@triveni...thanks for your comment...nice to know that u also have a similar bg..

Kirthi samayal said...

Hi, I like to know what type of camera using and what lens

keerti said...

This is one the best blogs i have gone through.. tried the dates cake and it turned out well..Most of the times i don't comment on blogs but some how your blog made me to write something .. I saw your blog just yesterday.. i will try more recipes now.

I can say looking at your blog you are very organised and expressive :) ..

Thanks a ton for recipes.

prathibha Garre said...

@keerti...thanks for your lovely words...it definitely made my day!! would love 2 hear more feedback from u..happy cooking...:)

prathibha Garre said...

@kirti..I use Canon EOS 450D with the lens kit 18-55mm which got along with the camera and sometimes 50mm macro lens

prathibha Garre said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hi Prathiba,

As my wife is out of town I had to prepare lunch for my daughter, after coming across your Oats Uttapam recipe I wanted to give a try. I was able to get it done in an hour and the Uttapam came out good. We enjoyed Uttapams, my daughter did not find any difference in the taste and then I told her the batter was made with Oats and she was astonished.

Thank you for your recipe.
Keep up the good work!


prathibha Garre said...

@anonymous...I am glad that you people enjoyed the oats uthappams...thanks for the feedback too.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is great and Thanks for sharing..!
Best wishes, Mary

Smitha Kalluraya said...

Hi Prathibha,
i have been following your blog from quite some time n i find amazing recipes here with great clicks n nice explanation.
Now i too have stared a blog. Pls do visit wen u r free..

Jyothi said...

Hi Prathy, I'm originally from Bangalore but live in USA. I just happened to come across your blog and must congratulate on your superb work. I'm kannada vegetarian and love all your recipes makes me very nostalgic, Thank you! I blog for fun and I know how much effort you have put into this. Check out my blog when you have time... www.livingforsoul.com
Best, Jyothi

iPinrecipes said...


Visit http://ipinrecipes.com/ to Pin, Organize and Share Recipes You Like.

Happy Pinning!!!


Pratibha Prabhakar said...


There are food blogs galore on the internet... every third person blogs about her experiments in the kitchen.. in fact can be quite disastrous trying them all!
However, I did find your blog has an interesting collection with a lot of healthy options made with oats. IN fact your breakfast collection is so extensive and interesting.. hoe to try most of them!
Continue giving us the rare ones.
Please do not add too many pictures.. .. huge food pictures popping up on office PC is :(
Good Luck.
By the way, I am your namesake.. Pratibha.

Kind Regards,

Thakurhimabindu Singh said...

Hi Prathibha
I loved ur blog and the Recipes, specially the Pickles it gives me information to the fullest.

Madhu said...

Hi Pratibha, very well drafted recipes and so beautifully structured blog. The recipe pics are just so tempting and delicious. Please continue on your wonderful effort and help people like us to try something new with a perfect recipe.

Anonymous said...

Tried the oats dosa today.Thanks Pratibha!

Keep it going,

Anonymous said...

Superb recipes withe finest details. And the pics are amazing!!
I'm eager to try out all your recipes now ;) ;)

Keep blogging !!

Shobhan Bantwal said...

Hi Pratibha,

Really great blog and a wonderfully wide spectrum of recipes. I used to juggle two full-time careers, including fiction writing, so I used to make only quick & easy dishes. Now that I'm retired I'm looking at blogs by foodies. And yours popped up.

I made your cabbage muthia recently and it came out perfect. I'll be making it more often. Some other recipes also look very enticing, therefore I'm hooked.

Thank you for sharing your recipes and insights into cooking. Happy New Year to you and yours!

Shobhan Bantwal
Author of novels about India and Indians

praveen k said...

Liked your blog. Just tried ammini Kozhukattai and it came out well.

Venkatesan Ramanujam said...

I tried your recipe for Capsicum chutneyand it came out well and tasted well too. Thanks

Michelle Epstein said...

Having just returned to New York after a month in India I can't wait to try your recipes and bring some of that wonderful cooking into my own kitchen. We especially loved the food of Kerala!
Thanks for all your great work,

Anonymous said...

Really.. Really.. So many Recipes. First of all i am Foodie and love to cook.
I go through all the websites in hunt of for Indian Veg recipes and try to cook them at home.

this web site has given me assignment for one month at least, :)

Most Important thank you for blogging and taking efforts to create this page.

Commendable Job :)

Vivek - New York

Pooja Dhamija said...

Hi, I like your recipes. First time I found perfect recipes on internet. I made kadai paneer recipe. Thanks for great work. Keep it up.

preetif said...

Hello mam,

I was looking for the recipe of malwani masala which is a maharashtrian masala. It gives a beautiful colour, texture n taste to the sabjis n I was also looking for chinese bhel. Can u please help me with the recipe.


jayashree said...

hello, nice collection of recipes you have.

Anonymous said...

Hi Madam, Please give recipe of Kaman Dhokla and Manchurian.

Anonymous said...

Andhra pickles are really awesome

Anonymous said...

Thank you...for tremendously mouth watering recipes... :)
I am newly married...trying to cook for the first time and your blog is helping me to do so...

Just one request - may I copy few of the recipes in my lappy so as to access it with or without internet?
Thanks. Saloni

Vidya Nayak Shenoy said...

Hi Prathibha.. first a big thanks for your wonderful blog..Just tried your Paneer Makhani.. which was an instant hit at my place..

would love to go thro' the whole blog n try out other recipes too..

Anonymous said...

Dear Prathibha, A well presented site. English is good (well written and easily understood).
Though I don't cook the pix look appetizing. I would like to prepare one of the dishes and surprise my wife.

Can u put some recipes under a new section - For Beginners - here u may give more elaborate explanations.

One more thing - u have mentioned above that this blog is 3 years old - this is a relative statement, please mention the year.

Thanks and keep up the good work.
With best wishes

Anonymous said...

Sorry I forgot to mention my email id - manjunath36@yahoo.com
I am from Bangalore.

Anonymous said...

Hi Prathibha,

I like your recipes very much. Please give recipes of instant rava dhokla. Thanks.

Shaloo Verma said...

Excellent recipes..have tried a few....and more excellently presented....learning not only recipes but also writing and presentation from you....keep posting

Shaloo Verma said...

Excellent recipes and presentation..keep posting :-)

Shaloo Verma said...

Hi Pratibha, can you please share more info Chinese recipes. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I tried the mango fudge recipe. I have some questions. How do I get the paneer to be smooth? How long do you cook the paneer, mango pulp and sugar? Thanks

prathibha Garre said...

@anonymous...paneer can't be completely smooth,it would be slightly granular..if you want it completely smooth u need knead it nicely or run it in mixer once..you cook them until all the ingredients come together and become very thick and it should the edges of the pan..I hope this helps..

Anonymous said...

good blog

Anonymous said...

nice blog

Alpana said...

Came across your blog quite by chance as i was looking for some simple South Indian recipes (I'm from Punjab). Haven't tried the recipes yet ,but have added so many to my cookbook. They're presented so well and have encouraged me to try my hand at south indian cuisine too. really user friendly and clear instructions and really love the introduction to each dish. Please continue the great work.


Anonymous said...

Nice job Prathiba...keep the up the good work!!!

Ashwini said...

love your blog! :)...i am a novice at cooking...and love trying your varied recipes!...its my go to website for all tips, tricks and fresh recipes....it has certianly mad emy life easy and my food tastier!...happy blogging!:) cheers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pratibha.....i was looking for a recipe to re...use leftover upma of breakfast, am going to try it now....happy that i need not throw away the leftover....!!
Thanks once again...!!

Anonymous said...

I had followed your instructions of North Indian mixed Veg pickle and it turned out really delicious. It has lasted for almost 3 months now. Thanks to you.
I had eagerly attempted your Niluva Usirikaya Pacchadi recipe and it tasted really nice. But it lasted only 1 week at room temperature. After a week it got moulds on it.
Could you please confirm if this needs to be dried in the sun or to be refrigerated to last longer?
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Nice ...enjoying reading your wonderful recipes...will be trying them out shortly...thank you dear

Pooja Dhamija said...

I like your recipes very much. Please please give dhokla recipe in microwave. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog while searching for holige recipe. It is just like how my mom makes. I loved your blog instantly. Amazing collection of recipes. Keep up the good work. Thanks :)

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