Friday, September 30, 2016

Navaratri Sundal Recipes, Navaratri Sweets Recipes, Navaratri Snacks Recipes

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Happy Navaratri to all my friends and readers!!
The Navaratri festival will be starting from tomorrow and it will be celebrated upto 9th October and on 10th october it is Vijayadasami(Dussera). Navratri festival is celebrated for nine days worshiping Durga devi in different forms on each day and on the 10th day Vijayadashami is celebrated.
This festival is celebrated in most of the states in India in various forms. Dasara is celebrated in a grand manner especially in cities like Mysore and Calcutta.While in North,a fast is observed on those days and also celebrated with garba and dandiya where as in South,many people celebrate the festival by keeping Golu(an array of Idols) and pooja is performed on those 9 days inviting many ladies for haldi-kumkum.Various varieties of sundal and kheer varieties are prepared on those 9 days during Navratri to offer to the people who visit the Golu.
We used to go our grand-mom's place for Dussera and it used to be a big festival with Golu and lots of guests kept coming through out the 9 days to visit our golu.We make a traditional sweet like holige or any thing equivalent on the first day and last day of Navratri and a simple sundal and kheer variety during the other days.I am compiling few recipes at one place which are ideally prepared in south Indian homes during Navratri for Pooja.I wanted to do a pictorial index from a long time and finally could make it.I hope it is useful for you.Once again,Happy Navaratri to all !!
For Complete collection of Navaratri Recipes Check out here.

Sundal Recipes

                Chana dal Kosambri          Kabuli Chana Sundal             Ground nut Sundal
                        Kosambari                  Kala Chana Sundal                  Corn Sundal       

                                              Undrallu Sundal             Mixed Bean Sundal             Lobia Sundal

Sweets Varieties

Sago Halwa             Semiya Kesari               Pineapple Kesari  

                Puran Poli                      Garugu Holige                          Til(Nuvvula) Holige

               Groundnut Holige           Crispy Sugar Poli                    Sajjappa

Rice and Snacks Varieties

               Aava Pulihora                 Nimmakaya Pulihora          Chintapandu Pulihora
               Semiya Pulihora               Rava Pulihora                      Lemon Shavige 
                Sabudana Thalipeeth         Sabudana Khichdi               Sabudana Tikki

Ambode                       Masala Vada                    Medu Vada    
Mosaru Ambode           Lobia Vada                    Perugu Vada


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