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A quick RECAP of 2012 - THE CHEF and HER KITCHEN

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As we bid adieu to 2012, let's welcome the new year with a hope that it would bring a more joyful and prosperous year ahead.This is the last post for the year 2012 in this blog and hence I wanted to do a quick recap to refresh my memory with the memorable posts of the year.
When I thought of doing the recap I was initially confused with regards to the criteria I should consider in choosing the posts. I finally decided to base it on two options - reader's choice and also my choice. Reader's choice refers to the posts that received the most hits in that particular month .


Readers Choice:

My Choice: 

Reason - I would choosed Eggless Chocolate Custard as I started my year 2012 with this post.

Fabulous FEBRUARY:

Readers Choice:

My Choice:
CRANEBERRY PULIYOGRE               ZEBRA CAKE                

Reason - I would have preferred in between Cranberry Puliyogre & Zebra Cake as I had prepared them during my visit to London and posted it here.

Marvelous MARCH :

Readers Choice: 

My Choice:  

Reason - I would have undoubtedly chosen Boorelu for the month of March as it is one of my most favorite traditional sweets.

Awesome APRIL:

Readers Choice: 

My Choice: 

Reason - For the month of April I would have preferred Tender Coconut Pudding as you know I have a soft corner for eggless puddings.

Mighty MAY:

Readers Choice: 

My Choice:  

Reason - For me,the month of May can be actually labelled as the month of PICKLES as I had posted various Andhra Mango Pickles in this month.However all the pickles are my favorite,but this particular Avakaya pickle will really steal my heart.A special thanks to my MIL for the pickle series to happen in my blog.

Juicy JUNE:

Readers Choice:  
My Choice:  

Reason - After chosing a raw mango pickle recipe for the month of May it would not be fair if I would not choose anything with the King of fruits-Mango which apparently is my favorite fruit.Hence I would have preferred Mango pound cake for the month of June.

Jolly JULY:

Readers Choice: 

My Choice:  
MANGO FUDGE                    KARIDA KADUBU             
Reason - For the month of July I would have chosen Mango Fudge and Karida kadubu for the same reasons,mango fudge- being prepared by my favorite fruit and Karida Kadubu -as it is again one of my most favorite traditional sweets.

Adorable AUGUST:

Readers Choice and My Choice : 

Reason - I lost  the battle with my readers for the month of August.Marie Biscuit Pudding was definitely the winner for me as well as I already mentioned above that Eggless puddings always win for me.


Readers Choice: 

My Choice:
 ALOO CHANA CHAT              MOIST CHOCOLATE CUP CAKES                                                               
Reason - This month gave me an opportunity to do my first guest post - Aloo Chana Chaat and I also adore my Moist Chocolate Cupcakes post for no reason(Do you think I need a reason to like Chocolate cupcake post??..No right??..)

Overdose OCTOBER:

Readers Choice:
                    INSTANT OATS IDLI                                    KARJIKAI                         

Both the posts got almost same love from the reader.So can't do injustice to the other one by choosing just one of them.
My Choice:  

Reason - While the reader's choice is the healthier Oats Idli for the month of October,my ideal choice would be Halu Holige(Paal Poli) for 2 reasons.reason no-1 its a traditional sweet and my favorite too(I know you are bored of my same reasoning) and reason no-2 ,its a sweet prepared by my MOM for me during my visit to Bangalore(I hope its justified now..)

Nostalgic NOVEMBER:

Readers Choice: 

My Choice: 

Reason - My absolute favorite post for the month of November - Shahi Tukra as I was dreaming to post this from such a long time and finally it happened and it also turned out to be one of those good posts which I can boast- in terms of photography.

Delightful DECEMBER:

Readers Choice:

My Choice:  


Reason - I have chosen Tutti Frutti Cookies as this is the first cookie post in my blog and is special for me and also the Vanilla Pannacotta which is one of my favorite posts of the year which I just loved clicking,eating and sharing.

You can also check the Recap of YEAR - 2011 here.

Before I finish this last post of the year, let me WISH YOU ALL A HAPPY NEW YEAR WELL IN ADVANCE !!


KrithisKitchen said...

Looks like a beautiful 2012 for you.. superb dishes and pics.. I am eyeing on your marie biscuit pudding.. somehow new year reminds me of that pudding which we made years ago on a new year when we were new to the kitchen. Would love to try now.

great-secret-of-life said...

I love very one of it Prathy.. Happy new year to u and ur family

Pavithra Elangovan said...

Nice Recap Prathy !!! Happy New year to u and ur family dear !!!

Vikis Kitchen said...

Wow what a treat to my eyes.U are talented dear. Looks Yummy! Wishing you and family a happy, prosperous and blessed New year.

Indian Khana said...

Wonderful collection ...loving all ...wish this year to be more eventful for you and this space

Saritha said...

Happy new year prathy...

Unknown said...

Gorgeous recap Prathibha. Reader's choice or your own, you win either way :-). All recipes look delicious.

Wish you & yours a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year.

lubnakarim06 said...

Awesome year end post...I think I have missed some...will go through all the post whenever I get time...

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