Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Cakes Recipes | Top 20 Christmas Recipes 2012

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December is a month full of joy and is colorful with the Christmas celebrations all over the world.It is a visual treat at this time of the year to see the various colorful decorations and well lit lights in all the public places, especially the malls.
I have compiled a small list of cakes which might be helpful to bake during this festive season to make the Christmas more merrier.I have also given few eggless options for those who would want to make them and a few decorated perfect party cake recipes which might be helpful in case you are having a Christmas party and also few which are apt for gifting to your loved ones this Christmas.I thought I would share few desserts/pudding recipes which would be helpful if you are having a Christmas party.These are quick and easy dessert recipes which you can make prior to the event.

Christmas Fruit(Plum) Cake    Zebra Cake          Mango Pound Cake
Vanilla Cupcakes            Chocolate Cupcakes       Chocolate Brownies

 Checkered Cake      Vanilla Cake with Blueberry filling    Cocoa  Brownies

             Pineapple Upside Down Cake      Chocolate Cake with Ganache


Eggless Dates cake          Eggless Marble Cake       Eggless Cocoa Brownies

Eggless Gateau with Strawberry Icing      Eggless Orange Sponge Cake


                        Eggless Chocolate Custard       Fruit Trifle                


Indian Khana said...

Wonderful collection of cakes.....loving it all

Unknown said...

Really awesome collection dear...

Unknown said...

wow!wow!wow! you have a displayed a variety of cakes .very nice

Sangeetha Nambi said...

Beautiful recap...

Janani said...

wow what a stunning collection of cakes looks so good.

Samantha said...

Absolute gorgeous cake and cookies recipes. Thanks you so much for sharing such brilliant stuff!!

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