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Baby Corn Pakora | Babycorn Recipes

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Babycorn Pakora
Last week, I purchased a large quantity of my my favourite veggie, "babycorn" and used them in two dishes which I prepared, Babycorn Bell peppers Stir fry and Babycorn Capcium Gravy . I though saved a few, for making my favorite babycorn fritters (not the usual besan based pakoras) over the weekend.
Babycorn Pakora
 I dream about food at times and in one of those dreams , I had a mental note that I would have my sunday evening tea with those babycorn fritters.When I started blanching the babycorns and started preparing the batter, I realized that I have run out of maida (all purpose flour) which is essential for preparing these yummy fritters. I had to hence change my plans and converted them into these beautiful pakoras.These Pakoras look deceptive and look very much like our Mirch Bajjis becauss of their shape.Though I could not make what I wanted, we enjoyed these golden crisps with our cup of tea.I though plan to post those delicious Babycorn Fritters next time I prepare it.
 Babycorn Pakora
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Babycorn Pakora

Babycorn Pakora Recipe:
(Serves 2-3)

12-15 tender Baby corns
Oil,to deep fry

for Batter:
1 cup Besan/Chickpea flour
1/4 cup Rice flour
1 tsp Red chilli powder
a pinch of Turmeric powder
1 tsp Ginger-Garlic paste
1/4 tsp Garam masala (optional)
a pinch of Asafoetida or 1/2 tsp Carom seeds
1/4 tsp Baking soda
2 tsp hot Oil
Salt to taste

  • Cut baby corns into 2 pieces lengthwise and par boil them in hot water with salt for 1-2 minutes.Do not boil for long.You can even add a pinch of turmeric powder while boiling them.Drain them and keep them aside.
  • Mix all the items(mentioned under 'for Batter') well and make it into a smooth paste by adding enough water.Add the water slowly and use a wire whisk and whisk to the consistency of thick idly batter consistency and make sure you don't add too much water at once.The more you beat the mixture the better and fluffy the pakoras would be.You should ideally beat the batter for 3-4 mins.
pakora batter
  • Mean while heat oil for deep frying.
  • Hold the tips of baby corns and dip each of them in batter and individually and drop them slowly into hot oil and deep fry them till it becomes golden brown in color on medium flame.
  • Drain them on to a kitchen towel to remove excess oil.
Serve them hot with Imli Chutney/Green Chutney/Tomato Sauce.
babycorn Pakora
  1. You can use the same process for making pakoras like Cauliflower,Broccoli and Poblano peppers(remove the seeds) by blanching them in hot water initially and follow the same process.
  2. You can use the same batter as base for all pakora varieties like Potato(cut into thin slices),Brinjal(cut into thin slices),Onion(thin round slices as well as lengthwise) and Capsicum rings.
  3. The addition of garam masala is completely optional,as babycorn is a bland vegetable I added it to spice up the batter.
  4. The addition of rice flour makes the pakoras crisp.
  5. I like to add hot oil to the batter mixture as it will make the pakoras crisp and also makes them consume less oil.Make sure you beat the batter which will makes the pakoras more fluffy.
babycorn Pakora

You can try this for HOLI Snack,also check out other HOLI recipes here . If you have not decided your menu for Holi,go through my list and I hope it will help you in fixing your menu. I also recommend you try the famous Delhi style Matar Kachori and Alu ki Sabzi and pair it with Shahi Tukra which is ideal for HOLI breakfast/brunch and make it more special.

I could not stop myself from posting another pic for you all....
babycorn pakora


Savi-Ruchi said...

I just had my share of fried food today. Those pakora is tempting me to make another batch tomorrow. Wish fried foods had the same calories as veggies :p

Unknown said...

Delicious, without looking at the title I thought they were chili bajjis, then saw the pictures and read the post :-)

Unknown said...

Nice idea to make pakoras with baby corn...looks delicious..

Kaveri Venkatesh said...

Tempting me with the pics...Looks very yum!

Raks said...

My kids favorite. Looks tempting

amna said...

this makes me want to go into the kitchen and cook it up immediately. in a way, i am glad it's monday :D

Dipti Joshi said...

ohh..I love these pakodas...mouthwatering snack..

Chitz said...

Mouthwatering pakoras.. Feel like munching some now !!

Prema said...

Yes dear I want a pakoda! Too tempting...

Unknown said...

mouth watering clicks Prathiba.... I too want pakora immediately...

Nava K said...

So good and love it so much. Never tried but its a brilliant idea. Bookmarked for our meal.

Indian Khana said...

I just finished dinner and you making me hungry again ...looks just yum and nice pics

Asha said...

yes, the pakoras look amazing...definitely want some :-)

Rajani said...

Love, Love And Love these Pakoras

Unknown said...

Very lovely tempting pakoras made with baby corn is an excellent variety of pakoras

dassana said...

yum. i also make these sometimes, especially in the monsoon season.

Aps Kitchen said...

I like these crispies and nice pics

divya said...

awesome pakoda...very inviting it

Priya Suresh said...

Its midnite here,else i'll make some babcorn pakoras now,very tempting.

Jeyashris Kitchen said...

Super yummy and tempting pakoras with baby corn.

Malar Gandhi said...

Looks incredible, tempting pakoras there...

Granny annex said...

Wow, it’s tempting. I want to try this super yummy pakoras.

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