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Chivda Recipe | Thin Poha Chiwda | Janmashtami Recipes

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Poha Chivda is a very common and popular snack in Maharasthra and Karnataka.It is a low fat snack and also is very easy to prepare at home.It is a weekly affair for me to prepare some low fat snacks which I can pack for TH and also for me to munch along with my tea and this Poha Chivda fits the bill.I prefer to prepare Chivda varieties like Sago Chivda, Poha Chivda, Murmur Chivda over the deep fried snacks for our regular snacks as they are less in fat content. As it is poha chiwda you can try this for Krishna Janmashtami festival which is nearing by.
low fat chivda
Poha Chivda(Chiwda)can be prepared in two ways, one variety is prepared with the thick poha variety which is deep fried and mixed with various deep fried nuts and spices.The other variety is prepared with the very thin poha variety almost of a paper thickness,which is just roasted along with the nuts and spices.I like to add lots of dry fruits like cashew nuts and raisins which makes it even more delicious.While the addition of saunf(fennel seeds) in the tempering is optional for chivda I prefer to add it as I like the refreshing taste it gives to chivda. You can even jazz up the chiwda with kala namak (black salt) and chaat masala for a variation, today I am posting a basic chiwda recipe.Sometimes I eat it for breakfast by topping it with a ladle of curd mixed with spices and finely chopped onions.If you have not tried your chivda like that, try it, its tasty and makes a simple chaat too.
poha chiwda

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Thin Poha Chivda Recipe:
Shelf life:1 month
Prep time:5 mins | Cooking time:25 mins | Total time:30 mins
Cuisine:Maharasthrian-India | Category:Snacks

5-6 cups very Thin Poha(Chivda poha)
12-15 Cashew nuts,split into halves
1/3 cup Ground nuts
1/4 cup Fried gram(Chutney dalia)
1/4 cup thin Dry Coconut slices
1/4 cup Raisins
8-10 Green chillies
20-25 Curry leaves
1/2 tsp Turmeric powder
1/4 tsp Lemon Salt(Citric acid crystals)
1 tsp Sugar(optional)
2 tsp Fennel seeds/Saunf(optional)
1 tsp Cumin seeds
1 tsp Mustard seeds
2-3 tbsp Oil
Salt to taste

  • Wash and pat dry green chillies and curry leaves.Cut green chillies into very thin long strips.
  • Dry roast poha in a big kadai on low flame for 3-4 mins until it is crisp.Remove it to a wide dry bowl.Alternatively you can keep it in sun for 2-3 hrs.
  • Heat oil in a kadai and fry ground nuts, cashew nuts, dry coconut slices, thinly slit green chillies , curry leaves , fried gram and raisins separately.Fry each variety separately until done and then remove with a slotted spoon and add to the roasted poha.Deep fry the raisins until they just bulge,do not fry them for long otherwise they will become tough.Deep fry the green chillies until they are crisp and also they should maintain their green color.
  • Now in the same oil crackle mustard seeds,cumin seeds and fennel seeds and remove the kadai from the flame and quickly add turmeric powder, salt, lemon salt and sugar to the oil and mix and add all the fried ingredients along with roasted poha and return the kadai back on the burner and mix it nicely until it is mixed.Taste it and adjust the seasoning if required.Switch off the flame.
  • Let it come to room temperature and then store it in air tight container.You can store this upto a month.
Serve chivda as a snack with a cup of tea/coffee.
poha chivda

  1. If you like it slightly chatpata, you can add 1/2 tsp Kala namak(black salt) and 1 tsp Chaat masala along with turmeric powder to the oil.
  2. I prefer to roast each ingredient separately as each ingredients take different time to get roasted.So in this way they get roasted perfectly.
  3. Always dry roast poha on a very low flame otherwise they will shrink and loose their shape.
  4. You can replace poha with murmur(puffed rice) and follow the same process to make Murmur chivda.
  5. The addition of fennel seeds give a refreshing taste to chivda,if you do not like it you can skip it.
poha chivda


Indian Khana said...

It's all time fav and something I do weekly in similar way too....looks perfect with nice pics

Divya Shivaraman said...

love this lip smacking snack for coffee or tea in the evening

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Delicious and lovely looking poha snack.

Rumana Rawat said...

My favourite , I can munch them anytime of the day...

Anusha said...

Love the styling Prathy. Esp. the paper cone. This s such a guilt free snack i can munch all day

Unknown said...

perfectly done chivda....awesome clicks...luv that wooden bowl...

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Savi-Ruchi said...

loved the first picture. Love to have it with my evening coffee...

Deepthi Shankar said...

My favorite. Was thinking of making this soon

Chitrangada said...

One of my favorite snack, beautifully presented.

nidhi said...

Lovely photos. It is a huge hit with my family too.

Priya Suresh said...

Can i get some to munch now, crunchy chivda.

Unknown said...


Sona said...

Delicious and crunchy snack.

lubnakarim06 said...

I like to bite onto those thing dry coconut pieces in between...yum...

preesi said...

Hi, what is Gram (Chutney Dalia)?


Anonymous said...

Is using lemon salt necessary?

chef and her kitchen said...

@anonymous..lemon salt adds slight sourness to the chiwda..if you do not have you can skip it

Anonymous said...

Hey, there is no poha/flattened rice where I live, is it possible to make it at home? How does it made?

chef and her kitchen said...

@anonymous..I m sorry as I do not know how to prepare poha at home..the process is not easy to prepare at home according to my understanding

Anonymous said...

Looks yummy

Anonymous said...

Looks yummy

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