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Oma Podi | Ompodi | Plain Sev Recipe | Easy Diwali Snacks | Ompudi

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Oma Podi or Ompudi or Plain Sev or Senagapindi KaraPusa is one of the most common snacks all over India. It is commonly used to top on many of the chaat varieties like Sev Puri , Dahi Puri Tikki Puri , Bhel Poori etc. which not only adds to the look but also enhances the taste of chaat. My mom used to make this Sev in large batches for Diwali during our childhood and we used to distribute the same with other goodies to our neighbours, I really miss the fun we used to have those days!!
One can prepare this sev plain or spicy by adding red chilli powder, but I prefer this to eat plain as the flavour of carom seeds adds a nice taste to the sev. Try this Ompodi during this Diwali and share it with your loved ones and enjoy!!
plain sev


Ompodi | Ompudi | Plain Sev Recipe:
Shelf life:15-20 days
Prep time: 10 mins | Cooking time: 30 mins | Total time: 40 mins
Cuisine: Indian | Category: Tea time Snacks/Storable Snacks

3 cups Bengal gram flour(Besan)
1 tsp hot Ghee
Oil,for deep frying

to grind:
1 heaped tsp Ajwain(Carom seeds)
Salt to taste(roughly 2 tsp)

  • Clean and soak ajwain in water for 10-15 mins. Drain and grind it to a smooth paste with enough salt. Add some water if required while grinding. Strain it through a thin mesh strainer, press the paste with a spoon to get most of the juice and flavour from it. Throw the pulp and reserve the strained water.
  • Sieve besan and rice flour together.
  • Make a well in between and then add strained ajwain mixture and melted hot ghee, mix it nicely until the mixture is mixed nicely. Divide the flour into 2-3 portions.
  • Meanwhile heat oil in a deep heavy bottomed kadai for deep frying.
  • Sprinkle enough water to each portion separately and make the dough just before frying. The dough should neither be very smooth nor very thick. It should be soft and smooth, the mixture will be slightly sticky.
  • Use a very fine multi holed disc(disc no-1 in the above pic) of your murukku maker.
  • Fill one portion of the mixed soft dough in the murukku maker and squeeze directly in hot oil in circular motion. Do not make it very thick while squeezing, try to spread in a thin layer.
  • Fry them over medium-high flame until they cook on one side and the bubbles subsides in the oil and then turn to the other side and fry again.This sev does not take much time to get fried, you do not need to fry until it changes its color.
  • Remove from oil using a perforated ladle and drain on a colander or kitchen napkin. Repeat the process of sprinkling water and kneading the dough and pressing into hot oil and frying with the remaining portions.
  • Once it is cooled down to room temperature you can store it in dry air-tight container. You can store it like the swirls or slightly crumble them while storing.
Serve it as a snack with tea or top your chaats with crumbled sev.

ajwain sev
  1. If you like it spicy you can even add 2 tsp Red chilli powder to the dough while kneading or you can soak 10-12 red chillies along with carom seeds(ajwain) and grind to a smooth paste.
  2. As the amount of carom seeds we are grinding is less it becomes difficult to grind and hence the addition of salt makes the job bit easier as it increases the volume.
  3. This can be stored for 15-20 days or even up to a month and use it in chaats or eat it as it is. 
plain sev


Shoba said...

Wow prathi...My granny used to do this for me.After she passed away my mom gets from the shop and will give it to me.FIrst I am finding such a clear and perfect recipe of om podi. I am so happy that I can make at home and have it and give it to my kids.

Indian Khana said...

Looks really yum ....perfect for festive and love your props beautiful

jaya's recipes said...

Perfectly done planning to make this tomorrow

Unknown said...

Crunchy and alltime fav snacks.

Cuisine Delights
"My Monthly Event - Spotlight: Festive Treats "

Unknown said...

ATF snack to munch...beautiful clicks dear...

Shanthi said...

awesome pictures..keep rocking..

Priya Suresh said...

Can munch these sev anytime..Love it very much..

Jeyashris Kitchen said...

Lovely clicks and nicely done.

Raks said...

Perfectly made and lovely pictures prathy

Unknown said...


divya said...

awesome n gorgeous clicks...

Divya N said...

we tried omapudi and manakobhu (murukku) and omapodi came out very well. Murukku became hard and red. (I tried to take out when it was whitish but was uncooked)

chef and her kitchen said...

@Divya...Murukku might have had less fat(butter) which would hv made it hard..The murukku turns bit reddish once it is cooled down...and as u said if u had taken it in advance it would hv been un cooked..might be a minute earlier or later would change the color of murukku dramatically

Unknown said...

Tried it. Came excellent. Thank you so much. IDEA Tried: instead of grinding ajwain, microwave with water for 30 sec, and again 30 sec and filter the water out of it, add it to the dough. Got the right esscense out of ajwain

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