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Sweet Lassi Recipe | Punjabi Lassi

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punjabi sweet lassi
Lassi is one of the most popular drink recipe in India and Punjabi Lassi is known for its rich,creamy taste.Lassi could be prepared either sweet or salted and I absolutely love both the versions. Mostly I prepare either Salted Lassi or Chaas but I do prepare Sweet Lassi once in a while to treat ourselves with the luscious thick creamy drink.This sweet lassi is even ideal to drink during Navratri fast to keep you fill for long time. If you are looking for more fasting recipes for Navratri, check out this post for more options. 
 punjabi sweet lassi
In Punjab,Sweet Lassi is prepared very thick and is topped with white butter or malai and is served in tall glasses.One glass of lassi is good enough to fill your tummy and can skip a meal easily. In summer season it is a treat definitely but one can prepare it any time round the year. You can prepare various fruit lassis like Mango Lassi and Strawberry Lassi during their respective seasons.
punjabi sweet lassi
I used to flavour my Lassi with Roohafza during my child hood and love that flavor a lot, if you have not tried that flavour please do try, you will definitely love it. Traditionally Lassi is prepared with hand by using the wooden whisk but it is a bit time consuming process. If you want you can try that or just blend it in the mixer which is the most easiest way.
sweet lassi

Punjabi Lassi | Sweet Lassi Recipe:
Serves 2
Prep time:5 mins | Cooking time:nil : Total time:5 mins
Cuisine: Punjabi - Indian | Category: Beverages

1 1/2 cups fresh thick creamy Curd/Yogurt,chilled
1/2 cup Milk,chilled
1/4 cup chilled Water
2-3 tbsp Sugar
1 cardamom,crushed(only the seeds)
2-3 Ice cubes(optional)
1 tbsp Malai/fresh cream,to top(optional)

  • In a juicer/mixer blend curd with milk, water, sugar and cardamom powder until it becomes frothy. Do not blend for long otherwise it will form butter on top. You can do this process in a traditional way of whisking it with the wooden whisk.
  • Check the sweetness and add more sugar if needed. Also adjust the consistency by adding more curd/milk to suit your taste buds.
Serve it in a glass topped with cream and ice cubes. I did not add in mine. I just garnished with cardamom powder and few saffron strands.

  1. You can add kewra water or rose water for a nice and distinct flavour. 
  2. I sometimes add 2-3 tbsp of Roohafza while blending and it is my favourite flavour for lassi.
  3. To prepare Saffron lassi add few saffron strands to milk and let it sit for some time and then blend along with the remaining ingredients.
  4. You can even add few thinly sliced almond pieces for a nice bite in lassi.
  5. Seasonal fruits like Mangoes or Strawberries can be added during their season to prepare Mango Lassi and Strawberry Lassi respectively.
 sweet lassi


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Simple and refreshing

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