Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pulihora Recipes | Pulihora Varieties | Puliyogre - Chitranna Recipes

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Pulihora is the most popular rice variety in South India. Pulihora is prepared using either lemon or tamarind where the lemon based one is known as 'Chitranna' in Karnataka and 'Chitrannam' or 'Nimmakaya Pulihora' in Andhra and the tamarind based one is called 'Pulihora' or 'Puliyogre' or 'Puliyodharai' in various south Indian states. The most popular pulihora varieties are Nimmakaya Pulihora(Lemon Rice) and Chintapandu Pulihora(Tamarind Rice). There are several versions of Tamarind Rice like Andhra style Chintapandu Pulihora, Karnataka style Puliyogre and Tamilnadu style Puliyodharai which are prepared differently with few variations. Apart from the regular Lemon rice and Tamarind rice, there are other variations to the pulihora like Maamidikaya Pulihora(Raw Mango Rice), Usirikaya Pulihora(Amla Rice), Dabbakaya Pulihora(Indian Grape fruit rice) etc which tastes good in its own way. There are new variations to the regular pulihora which are bit innovative like Cranberry Puliyogre, Gongura Pulihora etc. Apart from rice, one can use various ingredients like Poha(atukulu), Sooji, Semiya, Rice Noodles, Sago, Puffed Rice to prepare Pulihora which is suitable for breakfast. I have tried to compile all the pulihora recipes and would update the list when I post new recipes. As most of the pulihora recipes do not have onion(except for few breakfast recipes), they are suitable to prepare on festival days. Try few of the pulihora recipes for naivedyam during Navaratri.For complete collection of Navaratri recipes,check out here.

            Aava Pulihora                 Nimmakaya Pulihora          Chintapandu Pulihora

           Mango Gojju Pulihora     Usirikaya Pulihora             Cranberry Puliyogre
          Puliyogre                       Mango Pulihora        Dabbakaya Pulihora                  

          Semiya Pulihora               Rava Pulihora                      Lemon Shavige

        Tamarind Shavige        Maramarala Pulihora       Gojju Avalakki | Tamarind Poha

           Atukula Pulihora                        Sabsige Soppu(Dill leaves) Chitranna


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Nice compilation of Pulihora recipes...

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