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Kandi Podi | Andhra style Gun Powder Recipe

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The first thing you would notice if you go to any Andhra restaurant for a thali is an array of pickle jars and various powders which are placed on every table.While few varieties might vary,the most common varieties would be Andhra Avakaya and Kandi Podi(which is fondly called as Andhra Gun powder).
Andhrites start their lunch with a powder, mostly Kandi podi which is Andhra's trademark recipe.It is usually mixed with hot rice and a generous dollop of ghee, a combination which is definitely a heaven on a plate.You can even mix Avakaya with the powder and ghee,even that tastes absolutely delicious.Many of my friends(including those who are not from Andhra) have tasted this powder/podi and have always raved about its taste. One must try this trademark Andhra Gun powder recipe for sure to understand what I am saying.

Kandi Podi | Andhra famous Gun Powder Recipe:
shelf life:stays fresh up to a month

1/2 cup Toor dal
1/2 cup Moong dal
1/2 cup Chana dal
10-12 Red chillies
1 tsp Cumin seeds
Salt to taste

  • Dry roast toor dal until it turns red in color and keep it aside and dry roast moong dal until red in color and remove it from pan and keep it aside and do the same with chana dal.Always dry roast each dal separately as they will not get roasted uniformly otherwise.Let them cool.
  • Dry roast red chillies until they turn slight red in color and keep them aside.
  • Dry roast cumin seeds and keep them aside.
  • Once all the dals come to room temperature grind all the dals with red chillies,cumin seeds and salt to a powder.You can either grind it to a fine powder or slightly coarse powder.
  • Store it in an air tight container.
Serve it with hot steamed rice and a dollop of ghee.You can serve chopped raw onions along with it,it tastes delicious.
  • Add 1-2 garlic pods after the dals are ground to a powder and grind it again to a powder.
  • Do not grind it to a very fine powder,keep it slightly coarse.
  • You can mix the kandi podi with Mango Avakaya,Usiri Avakaya,Gongura etc or just mix it with hot rice and a dollop of ghee.It tastes very delicious.


Indian Khana said...

Very true and that's one thing I love about Andhra meals ..other than the food ofcourse :) ...Podi looks yum ..I can live on this :)

amna said...

my favourite podi with rice and oil

Rajani said...

Kandi podi is a fav from college days when my room would bring tons of it to last the whole semester. We would gorge on it with bellam avakaya! Your recipe and pic are great.

Raks said...

Love it! Havent tried this way. will try sometime as I a big fan of all podis

Anonymous said...

yummy kandipodi.lovely it rawchanadal,or putnalapappu?pls clarify my doubt.

chef and her kitchen said... is raw chana dal which is used in the recipe...putnalapappu is fried gram(or roasted chana)..

Unknown said...

A,axing background prathibaa..

Priya Suresh said...

Very handy and my most favourite podi.

Anusha said...

i love all podis Prathy!! they are super to eat with hot rice and ghee!! there you tempted me now so i guess i ll make a batch this weekend

great-secret-of-life said...

my fav I can survive on this

divya said...

OMG.. mouth watering here.. Awesome clicks dear :)

FewMinute Wonders said...

Looks mouth watering delicious.

AJ said...

My favourite with idli!

Swathi said...

Delicious spicy powder.

KrithisKitchen said...

Andhra podis are to die for... Love 'em with ghee!
I too have posted a pddi recipe today!

Ramya Venkateshwaran said...

I love to have my idlis with podi, I will try this out.

Anonymous said...

Delicious modati mudda!

Jeyashris Kitchen said...

this sounds interesting, though i tasted it many times in a friend's place, never asked how she makes it. Nice presentation

Vinupreetha Rathinasamy said...

The way u presented ur receipies is very nice...Gud luck:-)

Rohit said...

Thanks a lot, you don't know how long it took me to find its recipe as I didn't know it's name. Gonna try it now hope it's tastes same as in andhra restaurants.

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