Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sun-dried Tomato Pickle

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As I grew up in Andhra, the "land of Pickles", I started having a special liking for PICKLES. I am sure there might be very few who may not be aware of Andhra Aavakaaya and Gongura...hmmm..I absolutely love these pickles especially with hot rice,gun powder and ghee and is absolutely a great combination to try when someone visits any Andhra restaurant.Still there are so many varieties of pickles like "Maagaya", "Usiri Aavakaaya", "sun-dried tomato Pickle" etc(will try to post all those soon). Even my husband is a big fan of pickles,both Andhra and North-Indian style pickles which are made by my MIL.
Every year, we get a huge supply of all these pickles from my Mother-in-Law. Since she has come down to stay with us for a few weeks, I thought this might be a good opportunity to learn from her. This is the season for Tomatoes so we thought of making Tomato pickle which can be had with several dishes. One can serve this with hot steaming rice, Idly, Dosa, Akki roti or any other type of roti. While the process of making this pickle is quite time consuming the advantage is that this can be stored for more than a year....some advantage ..eh.

I am sending this pickle for sanghi's FALL in LOVE(FIL)-Tomato Event

and Lakshmi's SWC-Meals-on-Wheels Event

1 Cup Red Chilli powder
200 gms Tamarind

To dry in Sun:
1 kg Good Ripen Tomatoes
1 cup levelled Salt
1 tsp haldi

To grind:
1 cup Mustard seeds
5 tsp Methi seeds

For Tadka:
2 tbsp Mustard seeds
8-10 broken red chillies
1 tsp Hing
250 ml Sesame Oil

1) Wash the tomatoes and then wipe it and pat dry for some time. Chop the tomatoes into eight pieces, mix it with salt and cover the vessel with clinge wrap and keep it for two days continuously(atleast for one day).

2) Squeeze the water from the Tomato pieces completely.Soak tamarind in the water that would have come out from the tomatoes. Keep the tamarind mixture and Tomato pieces under sunlight for two days until it dries completely.

3) On the second day grind tomato pieces with the tamarind mixture(the one kept in sun) to a coarse mixture. (Use the whipper mode in the mixie)

4) Slightly roast methi seeds and cool the seeds.Grind Mustard seeds(raw) and Methi seeds to a smooth powder.

5) Mix the ground tomato mixture with the ground methi-mustard powder,red chilli powder.Taste the mixture at this point and adjust salt according to taste.

6) Heat oil,crackle mustard seeds,add broken red chillies and hing and fry for a minute.Cool the oil completely and mix in the tomato mixture and store it in Air-tight containers/Glass jars.

Serve the Tomato pickle with rice/Akki roti/dosa/idly/chapathy or you can even use it as a bread spread ! A very versatile dish ..isnt it ..


Ashwini said...

That looks so yumm..Love pickles..

Preety said...

i love pickles too but i never dared to try at home..your looks sp spicy and yumm..love to have it with rice..

Varsha Vipins said...

Thanks for the comment Pratibha..Loved ur blog..Lovely tomato pickle n also the Dosa's down there..:)..I am so crazy about Andhra pickles..Used to have tons of rice with just those pickles,from an Andhra mess when I was working in Pune..Nice clicks too.:)

Shama Nagarajan said...

lovely pickle ....lovely clicks.....lovely blog.....

Lakshmi said...

Loved this pickle dear. I have pre-dried tomatoes at home. I will to to think of turning it into pickle.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pickle. I plan to make sundried tomatoes one day too, but don't get too much sun in my flat

chef and her kitchen said...

@ashwini,@preety,@varsha,@shama..Thanks for all your comments...

@Lakshmi plz try it out and lemme know...

@simran,even i had a tough time drying the tomatoes...need to cover it with cling to escape from birds n dust...:)

Sia said...

what a brilleint recipe! i have never come across sun dried tomato pickle and this goes into my bookmarks :)

wishing u and ur loved ones a very happy Ugadi :)

chef and her kitchen said...

@sia thanks for your lovely comments and wishes...This is a traditional pickle and tastes yumm too...plz give a try and lemme know the outcome.

Spice said...

Hi Prathy,

Just love the looks of this pickle....i'm a big fan of tomato pickle...I'm from north india & we too love pickles and luckily my MOM & MIL both r great experts in that field. And one thing great about India is each & every region has it's own special pickles, so one can always try his/her tastebuds on something new.Gonna try this pickle sometime soon.

Unknown said...

Hi Prathy,
The pickle looks lovely,can you tell me the shell life of the pickle?

chef and her kitchen said...

@vkannan....the shelf life of this pickle is up to an year if handled carefully..

Anonymous said...

I really like this recipe and am itching to make this chutney . But i am a complete novice at achaar making so is there anything i should be careful of whilst i am making it. Hing i have heard is really strong so one whole tsp should be enough. also can this chutney be stored at room temperature for a year or it has to be refrigerated

Unknown said...


I tried making this pickle. And followed your recipe completely. But don't know why the water in which tamarind was soaked got spoilt the second day. It was all foamy. Can you help me out. I want to try out again and not repeat the same mistake.

Chandramouli said...

Mix tamarind and tomato together n sundry. Remove the water on the first day and store in container. Next day mix this water on the tomato tamarind mix and sundry the same. The second day evening whatever the consistency start preparing think and any excess water will dryaway automatically in the cooking process.

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