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Five Taste Uthappam | Uthappam Toppings ideas

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five taste uthappam
'Uthappam' or 'Oothappam' or 'Utappa' is a thick dosa and is usually prepared with various toppings of vegetables like tomatoes,onions,carrots etc.If I go to any joint for breakfast,my typical order constitutes Masala Dosa or Set dosa unless something else impresses me in their menu. I don't usually order Uthappam when I go out as I prefer eating it at home-don't know why!!
capsicum uthappam
carrot uthappam
Onion Uthappam is the most famous among all other Uthappam varieties and is also my personal favorite.I usually love to add generous amounts of finely chopped onions,green chillies and coriander and sprinkle lots of Milagai podi over it and roast with a double dose of ghee-it tastes really delicious. Today I am posting various toppings options for Uthappam which might be colorful and a perfect way to feed those fussy kids.
The batter for uthappam is bit different from the regular batter and it makes a soft and fluffy uthappam.You can be creative with the toppings and use the same batter for any kind of uthappam.
Check out another interesting version of Uthappam - Masala Uthappam, a version from Khao gallis of Mumbai.
uthappam toppings

Five Taste Uthappam Recipe: 


for Uthappam Batter:
2 cups Raw rice(sona masuri or similar)
2 cups Idli Rice or Par boiled rice
1 cup whole white Urad dal
1/4 cup Toor dal
1/4 cup Chana dal
1 tsp Fenugreek seeds
a pinch of cooking soda
Salt to taste 
Oil/Ghee, to roast utappams

for toppings:
1 small Tomato,seeded and chopped fine
1 Onion, finely chopped or Shallots,sliced
1 small Carrot,grated
1 green Chili,finely chopped
1/4 cup finely chopped mixed bell peppers
2-3 tbsp chopped fresh Coriander
2 tbsp Idli Milagai podi,to sprinkle
onion uthappam
 tomato uthappam

to make dosa batter:
  • Wash and soak raw rice,idli rice(or par boiled rice), urad dal, toor dal, chana dal, fenugreek seeds together in water for  4-5 hrs.
  • Grind all the ingredients in the wet grinder to a fine batter by adding water at regular intervals.The batter should be like regular dosa batter consistency.
  • Add required amount of salt at the end of grinding and mix well.
  • Allow the batter to ferment for 12-14 hrs.
to make Uthappam:
  • The dosa batter should be at room temperature.Mix in a pinch of cooking soda and mix well.
  • Pour a small ladle of batter(do not spread) of 2-3" inch size on a hot tawa,you can prepare 2-3 at a time based on your tawa size
  • You can sprinkle various toppings like grated carrots on the first one,chopped tomatoes on the second,finely chopped onions(or shallots) + finely chopped green chillies on the third one, chopped coriander leaves + Idli Podi on the fourth one, chopped bell peppers on the fifth one.Pour a tsp of oil/ghee generously over the mixture and also pour the oil from the sides and cover with a lid and cook it on medium flame for a minute or two and remove the lid..
  • Increase the flame to high and cook until you can see the golden brown crust formation.
  • Now turn the dosa to the other side and fry for a minute.
Serve it hot right out from the pan with coconut chutney and Sambar.If you want you can sprinkle milagai podi or kaarapodi over the hot uthappams before serving.Check out other side dishes for Idli/dosa here.
podi uthappam

five taste uthappam
The options for Uthappam toppings are endless.I am sharing you many more options here:
  1. a mix of chopped onions + grated carrots + chopped coriander + chopped green chillies
  2. Potato Masala .check the link for a detailed post.
  3. slices of tomatoes instead of chopped tomatoes
  4. grated Cheese + chopped coriander + chopped green chillies - do not turn this utappam,roast it only on one side.
  5. finely chopped onions + generous sprinkle of Idli Milagai podi
  6. finely chopped onion + chopped tomatoes + chopped green chili + grated cheese - it is called Pizza Utappam.Do not turn this utappam,roast it only on one side.
  7. thinly sliced Mushrooms sauteed in oil and seasoned with salt and pepper.
five taste uthappam


Anonymous said...

These looks yummy and tempting to eat now....simply superb...bit confused with raw rice which means what we cook regularly for rice...pls clarify my doubt....

chef and her kitchen said...

@anon...raw rice is what we regularly like sona masuri or similar kind

Unknown said...

Looks colourful and yum

Hari Chandana P said...

Woww... Looks colorful and tempting.. AWESOME!!

Chitra said...

Pass me here , u made me drool :)

Vimitha Durai said...

Colorful platter

Unknown said...

Oh yes thats a colorful treat gor kidsbet they wud not makr any more fuss:) when i did this i have chosen ginger also ine of my exclusive toppings try that too

Rumana Rawat said...

What awesome idea... The all are looking so good...

Indian Khana said...

drooling here ...I won't mind having the full platter right now

Jeyashris Kitchen said...

Super tempting uttapam, Love to taste this right now

Priya Suresh said...

Damn cute,catchy and very attractive uthappams..

AJ said...

My ever favourite to make with leftover batter!!

Divya Shivaraman said...

this toppings are sure to be bookmarked

Unknown said...

super delicious and colorful plate of Indian Pizzas ...I mean this cute looking oothappama... well presented...

great-secret-of-life said...

yummy and colorful collection.. I Want to have plate now..

Preety said...

oh i love all the toppings colorful and delicious

Unknown said...

uthappam looks so colorful and delicious

Anonymous said...

Tough to decide which flavour is better than the other! What an idea Madam ji!!!

Prema said...

I love uthampams,mom makes this nicely...

Unknown said...

Nice collection of Uthappama's. You have some amazing recipes! After some break I returned to blogging last yr. Glad to find some amazing blogs like yours. Especially love all your Andhra recipes! Happy to follow u! Lets keep in touch!

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dassana said...

loved the platter of the various uttapams.

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