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Mixed Vegetable Achar - North Indian Style | Mixed Vegetable Pickle

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We spent a large part of the last month in preparing pickles as we always prefer home made pickles. The key source of the pickles in our house is my MIL who  usually makes several varieties of pickles during the mango season. Check them here. These last for a long time but she also makes another batch of pickles in the winter season which lasts for us until the next mango season. 
"Mixed Vegetable Achar", is a must in winter as we get really fresh and various varieties of vegetables in this season.I like the taste of Mixed Vegetables in this pickle, as they retain their crunch even after a few months of pickling. Apart from Mixed Vegetable Achar she also prepares other varieties like Gooseberry(Amla) pickle and Red chili pickle ,the recipes which I will post soon.
This North Indian style Mixed Vegetable Achar goes extremely well with parathas/rotis. I have shared this pickle with many of my friends & family and they absolutely loved it and requested me for the recipe.So here is my MIL's famous Mixed Vegetable Achar for all those who requested for it.
PS: I plan to post another spicy version of mixed vegetable pickle later.This version while a mild variation from the current one , does taste well too.
Mixed Vegetable Achar Recipe:
shelf life: upto 1 year


3 tbsp Nigella Seeds(Kalonji)
1/4 cup Vinegar
1 liter Mustard Oil

Vegetables (16 cups of  cut vegetables):
4-5 Carrots,peeled and cut into 1" thin long pieces
1 medium Cauliflower,separate and cut into small florets
3-4 Radish,peeled and cut into 1" thin long pieces
250 gms French Beans,remove the strings and cut into 1" thin long pieces
10-12 Lemons,cut into 8 pieces length wise
20-22 Gooseberry,cut into 6-8 pieces length wise(remove the seeds)
250 gms light colored Green chillies,cut into 2 pieces
2 whole Garlic pods,separate into pods and remove the skin
250 gms Ginger or Mango Ginger,peeled and cut into 1" thin strips

4 cups Mustard powder,preferably Yellow mustard
3/4 cup Yellow Mustard tukda(you can avoid this if you do not get it)
3 1/2 cups Salt
1 tbsp Fenugreek powder
100 gms Amchur(Dried mango) powder
100 gms Fennel seeds(Saunf) powder,ground to a very coarse powder
2 tbsp Turmeric powder


Cleaning,Cutting and drying the Vegetables:
  • Wash and wipe all the vegetables with a dry cloth.Cut various vegetables as per the instructions I mentioned above.Take care that you cut all the vegetables into a similar length and sized pieces.
  • Spread them over a dry cloth in sun and let them dry completely.You should take care that the vegetables are dry with out any moisture content in it.If you have really good sun it should take half day otherwise you can keep it in shade up to a day.
for making pickle:
  • Keep ready the sterilized and sun dried jars ready before you start pickling.
  • Grind fenugreek seeds to a fine powder.
  • Grind saunf in whipper mode until coarse powder.Do not run it for long time just run it for 2-3 times until you get coarse powder.
  • Now take a big bowl and mix the saunf and fenugreek powder, amchur powder, mustard powder,salt,kalonji seeds,mustard tukda and turmeric powder until everything is mixed well.
  • Now take another wide small bowl and take 1 cup of mixed powders and add sufficient mustard oil until the mixture is wet completely and mix with hands.
  • Take 2 cups of vegetable pieces at a time and apply the mixture all over the mixed vegetable pieces with your hands.Using your hands for this step is better than mixing it up with ladle.
  • Put the masala coated vegetable pieces in a big bowl and repeat the process of coating the vegetable pieces in small portions and put them in a big bowl.
  • Once all the vegetable pieces are mixed,add vinegar and remaining pickle masala and mix well again.
  • Carefully fill the sterilized jars with the vegetable pieces and pour the remaining oil over it.
  • Cover the jar with lid and keep it aside for 3 days.
  • On day-1 check it some oil might have started floating over the pickle.Do not panic if the oil does not float on day-1,if not on day-1 you will see oil floating on day-2.
  • Mix with a clean and dry ladle all over and repeat the same process on day-3.
  • Now taste the masala mixture in the pickle,it should be perfect and slightly salty as the pickle has to be yet marinated for atleast one week before its usage.But if you feel the salt is less add a tsp or 2tsps of salt to it and mix well.I don't think it would be necessary if you follow the measurements accurate.
  • On the day-3 if you see the oil is floating on the pickle up to an 1/2" height then it is perfect.Otherwise add extra mustard oil over the top until the oil floats on top.
  • Store it in air-tight tupper ware container or glass bottles.This way your pickle stores for long with freshness in it and even the vegetable pieces do not get soft.
Serve it with piping hot Parathas/Theplas or it can be served with Rotis/Naans/Kulchas/Pulavs. 
Other Vegetable Options:
  • Shalgum(Turnip),Lotus Stem(Kamal Kakdi/Bhein),Raw Mangoes can also be added to the pickle according to the availability of them.
  • This pickle is not spicy but it is a real burst of flavors.If you want it spicy add 2 cups red chili powder while mixing the masala.But I strongly recommend not to use red chili powder for this pickle.
  • Always transfer a small portion of pickle into a small jar and use a clean and dry spoon.
  • Increase the amount of mustard oil as required in the recipe.The basic thumb rule is to make the oil float over the pickle after 3 days.So feel free to add extra mustard oil.
  • Do not replace or remove any of the ingredients in the recipe,all the ingredients are must to get a tasty Vegetable achaar in North Indian style.
  • This pickle stays good for an year.It might turn slightly sour after 5-6 months but it is good to eat with hot hot parathas and curd.
  • You can easily halve the recipe,the basic rule is to use 4 cups of vegetable pieces with 1cup salt and 1 cup mustard powder.
  • You can add a tsp of the pickle masala(in the pickle) while making methi theplas,it really adds a nice taste to the thepla. 

Check out other North Indian Pickle recipes in my blog.
  1. North Indian style Stuffed  Mirch ka Achar(Green Chili pickle) 
  2. North Indian style Aam ka Achar(Mango Pickle).


lubnakarim06 said...

Looks tongue tickling....

Aruna Manikandan said...

lovely pickle :)
mouthwatering and very tempting with those roti's :)

Anusha said...

I m going to make my first pickle this summer and guess what! i just found the right pickle Prathi

Sona said...

mouthwatering pickle..

Unknown said...

wow i would like to taste this achar now....looks so flavourful...

Priya Suresh said...

Who can resist to this tonguetickling pickle,droolworthy.

Prathima Rao said...

OMG Prathy...Finger licking good...The TOPS!!! never tried making all this at home & always reach for a store bought one to satisfy cravings..But this is so much more tasty & flavorful..!!
Prathima Rao
Prats Corner

dassana said...

am reminded of my mil's achaar recipe after seeing yours. have not yet tried but i hope to make some.

Raks said...

Yum yum, wish I have some papads to enjoy this one...

Jeyashris Kitchen said...

Super tempting and yummy pickle .

Unknown said...

So yummy.reminds me of my nani. Nice post.

great-secret-of-life said...

Yummy and very tempting pickle! love to have it with sambar rice :-)

Akila said...

Very tempting n mouthwatering

Indian Khana said...

love this ..looks so good..

CbeFoodBlogger said...

lovely.. bookmarked

Shanavi said...

Wow...U don't know how crazy I'm for this pickle. Totally loved it and as usual wonderful presentation.

Prema said...

wow yummy the clicks:) said...

Spicy n tangy pickle..yum

divya said...

hmmm... droolin here...

Anonymous said...

Achar looks very tempting. I want to try this achar but having few doubts like should the spices be dry fried? Should the oil be heated and cooled to room temperature before adding it to the pickle? Is musturd oil must?

chef and her kitchen said...

@Anonymous...All the spices are raw,you should not roast them..You should not heat the oil too,it should be raw..but make sure you use good quality mustard oil..Mustard oil is a must for this pickle to get the typical North Indian flavor...lemme know how it turned out if u try

Anonymous said...

Sure, I would let you know the outcome of this pickling north indian achar.Thanx for clarifying my doubts as I am used to pickling only South Indian versions.

chef and her kitchen said...

@anonymous...if you are trying the pickle with the mustard oil for the first time you might feel it is bit strong for you..but once it gets marinated you will definitely love the taste of it...its a superb combination with rotis/parathas.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the delay reply!!! As promised earlier, I tried this version of mix veg achar... Simply superb!! Thanx a lot Pratibha for posting such good recipes. It looks exactly like the above pics. I was showered with praises and when I revealed your website, you were equally blessed!!! Now, I want to try your added chilly powder version too! Can I add for a small portion now after this many days?

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

mouth watering dudeeeeee :)

Veena said...

Does the pickle have to be stirred everyday for 3 days. Even if oil is seen on first day? Also after 3 days. We need to keep the pickle for 1 week before opening is it? Should this be kept in fridge for 1 week or in a dark place?

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