Sunday, February 10, 2013

How to make Green Chilli Paste | Kitchen Basics

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There are few items like Ginger-Garlic paste,Green chili paste,Green Chutney,Meetha Chutney which are home made and I always keep in my refrigerator as they are very handy while cooking.These are all the basic recipes and I am sure most of us would be preparing on regular basis.However I am posting these basic recipes which might help those who are new to cooking.We use this green chili paste in many of the breakfast and snack varieties like Gunta Ponganalu, Mosaru Kodubale, Kharada Onion Dosa, Onion Masala Idli, Rava Dosa, Akki rotti, Ragi Rotti, Punugulu, Sago bonda etc,it is very handy to use them instead of chopped green chillies in these recipes.

Green Chilli Paste:
Shelf life: upto a month when refrigerated

100 gms Green chillies
Salt to taste( 3/4 to 1 tsp approx)


  • Wash and dry the green chillies on the kitchen napkin for 2-3 hrs until they are completely dry with out any water droplets.
  • Grind the green chillies with salt to a coarse paste.Do not grind it to fine paste,the paste should should be very coarse which will increase the shelf life of the paste.
  • Remove the paste and store it in an air tight container or glass bottle and keep it refrigerated.You can use this paste up to a month or more.
  1. The green chillies should be completely dry with out any water droplets.
  2. Adding salt will increase the shelf life,so do not add less in it.
  3. Always use a clean spoon while taking out the paste from the container.
  4. You can use it for a month or more when refrigerated.
  5. You can use this in various recipes like Gunta Ponganalu, Mosaru Kodubale, Kharada Onion Dosa, Onion Masala Idli, Rava Dosa, Akki rotti, Ragi Rotti, Punugulu, Sago bonda etc where we add green chili paste instead of green chillies.It eases the work.


Unknown said...

Nice post. Handy paste

divya said...

nice post....lovely clicks

My World My Home said...

Wow...nice paste.........looks spicyyyyyy...:-) :-)

Sona said...

a very useful post, thanks for sharing.

Aruna Manikandan said...

nice post prathy :)

Nandita SS said...

Very useful post!! I liked the vibrant green :)

great-secret-of-life said...

useful back to basic post

SAKSHI said...


Thanks for sharing is a tip for you
Add lemon juice while will prevent the paste from turning black...

Unknown said...

I have never made chutney wt green chilli alone...i love spicy food which suits my palate.....

hotpotcooking said...

Never tried this, helpful post.

CbeFoodBlogger said...

I add onions to this.. have not tried green chilli alone.. will give a try

Indian Khana said...

Things to make life easy...mere draft mein bi pada howa hai :) ....

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