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Flax Seeds Podi (Powder) | Alsi Pudi for Rice

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I have been experimenting with new recipes only after I started my own blog. There were many ingredients for which I wasn't aware of the usage and flax seeds is one of them. Though I knew that Flax seeds are rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids, I wasn't sure of the ways to include them in my diet. Only after I started blogging, I tried using it in various recipes like Oats & Dry Fruits Laddu, Daily Oats Porridge, Granola Bars, Muesli , Flax Seeds Chutney Pudi for Idli/Dosa, Flax seeds Podi for Rice etc...the options are endless. I have even mixed powdered flax seeds in my chapati dough for a healthy and nutty roti.
I always stock a variety of powders/podis which can be mixed with rice and they come to the rescue when I am not in a mood to cook anything or at times it serves as an extra item in my daily meal.  Flax seeds powder is a favorite at my place as it has got that unique nutty texture.We usually prefer mixing it with hot steamed rice, extra virgin olive oil and  finely chopped onions.I must say that this combination is truly delicious. You can use ghee instead of olive oil to mix with rice.

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Flax Seeds Podi (Powder) for Rice:
Shelf life: upto a month
recipe adapted from: Veg Inspirations

1/2 cup Flax seeds
1/3 cup Groundnuts
1/4 cup Sesame seeds
1/4 cup Fried(roasted) Gram(chutney dalia)
2 tbsp grated Dry Coconut
8-10 Red chillies
20-25 Curry leaves
3-4 Garlic pods,with skin
1/2 tsp Sugar(optional)
half a gooseberry sized Tamarind
Salt to taste

  • Dry roast groundnuts in the kadai/pan until they turn brown and the skin starts peeling off.Once they are cooled you can remove the skin or leave them as they are.Keep them aside.
  • Dry roast sesame seeds until they start popping and keep them aside.
  • Dry roast flax seeds until they get roasted and they try to pop up once they are roasted nicely.It gets a nice shine when they are roasted.Keep them aside.
  • Dry roast grated coconut slightly and keep it aside.
  • Dry roast red chillies until they turn crisp and keep them aside.
  • Spread the curry leaves on the microwave plate and microwave it for 2-3 mins depends on the microwave powder.They would turn crisp or alternatively you can dry roast them in the kadai/pan until they turn crisp,keep them aside
  • While the kadai is hot add tamarind at the end and just warm it a bit.
  • Once all the ingredients are cooled down to a room temperature,grind red chillies with salt to a powder.
  • Add the roasted flax seeds, groundnuts, sesame seeds, grated dry coconut, curry leaves, sugar, tamarind and grind to a slight coarse powder.Do not grind it to a fine powder,it tastes best if it is coarse.Taste the powder now and add more salt if required.
  • Add garlic pods at the end and run the mixer again for few seconds.
  • Store it in air tight container.
Serve it with hot steamed rice and a dollop of ghee with cut raw onions.You can even sprinkle on dosa or you can even mix with melted ghee or sesame oil and smear the idlis with it.
  1. I like to eat it with hot rice mixed with extra virgin olive oil and finely chopped onions.Its your choice you can use even sesame oil or ghee to mix it with rice.
  2. You can increase or decrease the quantity of red chillies in the recipe according to your requirements. I like it medium spicy.
  3. The amount of grated dry coconut can be increased to 1/4 cup,also adjust the salt,red chillies and tamarind accordingly.


My World My Home said...

Looks spicy & healthy... :-)

Akila said...

Need to try this one... Nice clicks...

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Prathima Rao said...

Looks flavoful..I made a similar one too but has been in the drafts for quite sometime.. Thank u for reminding!! ;)
Prathima Rao
Prats Corner

Indian Khana said...

Wonderful way to consume flax seed ...I shall try too the flaxseeds pic

Unknown said...

Aromatic podi, looks so flavourful...

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Unknown said...

thats a real visible treat....feel to try immediately with rice, dollop of ghee

Priya Suresh said...

Healthy spice powder, even i have some rite now in my pantry.

great-secret-of-life said...

nice and healthy podi..

divya said...

looks nice n healthy podi...

CbeFoodBlogger said...

I have come across this podi and this is lovely.. healthy.. i am doing this for my hubby who's crazy about podi dhosha

Prema said...

Very healthy podi,loved the clicks...

Jeyashris Kitchen said...

Totally new to me, sounds healthy too

Anonymous said...

Just tried it out..It came our delicious !!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing a healthy recipe before i was just adding for wheat flour,now i can use more .

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