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Mango Falooda Recipe | Mango Dessert Recipes

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mango falooda
Mango Falooda recipe with step by step photos.I was introduced to Falooda only in Mumbai.It had almost become a norm for me to have it in the famous shop Badshah on my every visit to crawford market. I love their rose falooda the most and I do not miss the mango falooda during mango season and order Kesar falooda too at times.One has an option of having 1/2 falooda and the portion they used to serve as half itself was so heavy for one person.
mango falooda
Rose falooda is the classic version of falooda and it is a medley of rose syrup , basil seeds , cold rose milk,falooda sev and ice cream.Rose syrup adds a nice flavor to the falooda and basil seeds cool the body in summers.Coming to Mango falooda recipe, the combination of mango puree ,cut mango cubes,mango ice cream in sweetened milk,falooda sev and basil seeds flavored with rose syrup and topped with nuts and tutti frutti which adds a nice bite to it, how can something like this go wrong?I would say that it is the utmost mango delicacy in one glass, it tastes amazing. Do not miss to try this simple and delicious mango falooda recipe this summer and before the mango season ends.More over one can do all the prep work ahead and just assemble it in 5 mins when you have guests,I am sure they would be bowled over with this Mango falooda.
mango falooda
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mango falooda
Here is how to make mango falooda recipe with step by step photos.
Mango Falooda Recipe:

Serves 2 | Author: Prathibha
Prep time: 25 mins | Cooking time: 5 mins | Total time: 30 mins
Cuisine: Indian | Category: Desserts/Beverages

1 large ripen Mango,chopped(alphonso or kesar)
1 cup Milk,boiled and cooled
1.5-2 tbsp Sugar
1/2 cup Vermicelli/Falooda sev
4 scoops Mango Ice cream/Vanilla Ice cream
2.5 tbsp Basil seeds(sabja seeds)
2-3 tbsp Rose syrup
2 tbsp chopped Cashewnuts
1 tbsp Tutti Frutti
2 glazed Cherries,to garnish 
1/3 cup Jelly,cut into cubes(optional)

  • Wash,peel and chop the mango into pieces.Reserve 1/3 cup of mango pieces and grind the rest to a smooth puree.Refrigerate it until it's usage.
  • Slightly dry roast vermicelli taking care that it does not change color and add water to it and cook until done and strain the cooked vermicelli and pour cold water on it,this ensures that the cooked vermicelli stay separate.If you are using falooda sev cook it as per the instructions.Chill it until its use.
  • Soak basil seeds in 1/2 cup water for half an hour or until it swell up nicely.
  • If you are using jelly,prepare it as per the instructions and let it set and cut it into cubes and keep it ready.
  • Boil milk and mix in the sugar and let it cool and refrigerate it until it is chilled.
  • Now take two tall serving glasses and pour 1-1.5 tbsp of Rose syrup in each glass and then add 1 tbsp of swollen basil seeds on it.
  • Add some mango cubes and jelly cubes (if using) and then add 3-4 tbsp of cooked falooda sev/vermicelli in both the glasses.
  • Now add few more mango cubes and swollen basil seeds and then add 4-5 tbsp of mango puree in both the glasses.
  • Now gently pour sweetened milk into the glass until the desired level and then add some more tablespoons of mango puree on top in both the glasses.Keep enough space to add the ice cream, else the drink will over flow once you add ice cream to it.
  • Add 1-2 scoops of Mango ice cream(or vanilla ice cream) and garnish it with chopped cashewnuts, tutti frutti, chopped mango pieces and a glazed cherry on top in both the glasses.
Serve immediately with long spoon and straw and enjoy!!

  1. One can prepare the mango falooda according to their personal choice, there are no hard and fast rules while making it.
  2. I sometimes like to add mango milkshake instead of mango puree and milk separately, this actually keeps it thick.
  3. The addition of rose syrup is optional, if you do not have it skip it totally or use roohafza instead.
  4. You can use ready made/tinned mango puree when mangoes are not in season and skip mango pieces in the recipe and follow the same recipe.
  5. I love to add mango ice cream to the mango falooda but one can add simple vanilla ice cream to it and enjoy.
  6. Mangoes like alphonsos and kesar are best for this recipe, but one can use their locally grown sweet mango variety to prepare this recipe.You can add sugar while grinding the mango if your mango is not very sweet.
mango falooda
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I alway love falooda
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Mango Falooda is a lovely iteem liked very much by us. The procedure with step by step photos is very well explained to get a quality item

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