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Masala Pav Recipe | Mumbai style Masala Pav | How to make Masala Pav

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masala pav
Mumbai style masala pav recipe with step by step photos.Masala Pav is another snack from the streets of Mumbai which is a delicious snack served in the same stalls where Pav Bhaji is sold.It is not so popular in the other parts of the country but in Mumbai it is a very hot selling chaat after Pav Bhaji.I would rather say it is a simple version of  Pav Bhaji and is light on stomach.
masala pav
Masala pav is prepared with just few ingredients-onions, tomato and capsicum play a vital role in the recipe and the addition of pav bhaji masala gives a similar taste of pav bhaji but the preparation process is lot simpler version compared it.The butter ladened pavs stuffed with the spicy onion-tomato-capsicum mixture is a perfect tea time snack or makes a simple breakfast too.The street style Masala pav uses a small portion of bhaji(pav bhaji's gravy) in the recipe but it is not compulsory to use it.If  you have prepared pav bhaji previous night you can keep some masala and add it to the masala pav mixture to prepare masala pav the next day.My favorite place for Masala pav was DP's in Matunga where we friends used to hang out for our quick evening chaat sessions.
mumbai masala pav
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mumbai masala pav
Here is how to make Mumbai style masala pav recipe with step by step photos:
Mumbai Street style Masala Pav Recipe:
Serves 2  | Author: Prathibha
Prep time: 10 mins | Cooking time: 10 mins | Total time: 20 mins
Cuisine: Mumbai Street Food | Category: Snacks/Chaats

4-6 Ladi Pav Buns
1 large Onion,finely chopped
2 large Tomatoes,finely chopped
1 medium Green Capsicum,finely chopped
2-3 Garlic pods, finely chopped
3/4 tsp Red chili powder
1/4 tsp Turmeric powder
1-1.5 tbsp Pav Bhaji masala
2 tbsp chopped Coriander leaves
1/2 tsp Cumin seeds
Salt,to taste
4 tbsp Butter

Lemon wedges,to serve
finely chopped Onions,to serve

  • Heat 2 tbsp butter in a pan and add cumin seeds and let them splutter and then add finely chopped garlic and fry for half a minute.Alternatively you can use Ginger-garlic paste in the recipe.
  • Add finely chopped onions and fry until they turn translucent.
  • Now add finely chopped capsicum and fry for a minute and then add finely chopped tomatoes,salt and turmeric powder and fry until the tomatoes become mushy. Slightly mash them with a masher.
  • Add red chili powder and pav bhaji masala powder and cook for another 2 mins.Add 3-4 tbsp water to it and cook for 3-4 mins until the masala becomes thick.If your tomatoes are juicy enough to give you a nice thick gravy, you can avoid adding the water in the recipe,but it helps in blending the flavors but make sure that you will not loose the crunch of capsicum in the recipe.
  • Add coriander leaves at the end.
  • Heat a griddle add butter and place the slit buns and fry for half a minute and remove them.
  • Add 2 tbsp of prepared masala to the griddle and place the pav buns on it facing the center sides(which are roasted earlier) and place spread some more masala on top of it and fold.
Sprinkle finely chopped onions and coriander leaves on top of it and serve it hot with lemon wedges.

  1. In case if you do not have pav buns, you can either use burger buns or hot dog buns.
  2. You can sprinkle some grated cheese on top to make it Cheese masala pav.
  3. You can add a ground paste of soaked red chilies and garlic in the oil instead of garlic and red chili powder.It gives a nice bright red color like the street style masala pav.
  4. I had less capsicum and hence I used some yellow bell pepper in the recipe.
masala pav


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