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Bombay Masala Toast Sandwich | Potato stuffed Sandwich Recipe

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bombay toast sandwich 
Mumbai street food has its own variety ranging from the humble vada pav to  pakoras, sandwiches, pani puri, bhel puri and various other chaats,variety dosas, Indo-Chinese items. Few varieties really stand out and one such is this famous Bombay Toast Sandwich also called as Masala Toast Sandwich widely known as Aloo Toast ot Potato Sandwich in rest of the country.
bombay toast sandwich
You would find sandwich stalls in each and every corner of the city where the hawkers would be busy preparing the fresh sandwiches through out the day.These sandwiches can be eaten as a snack or a meal by itself.I usually rely on these sandwiches if I go out for shopping.As the vegetables are freshly cut and everything is laid in front of you, one doesn't need to bother much about hygiene.The addition of liberal amount of amul butter makes these sandwiches taste even more delicious.If you have not tried this sandwich earlier,I would strongly recommend to try this sandwich recipe.It is really delicious and makes a perfect Breakfast or Snack.
potato stuffed sandwich
I have posted Bombay style Veg toast sandwich earlier which tastes equally good.That version  though is prepared mostly with vegetables where as today's version has the aloo masala along with the vegetables which makes a wholesome breakfast.
potato stuffed sandwich

Bombay Toast Sandwich | Mumbai Masala Toast | Potato Toast Recipe:
serves 2
Prep time:10 mins | Cooking time: 5 mins | Total time:15 mins
Cuisine:Indian | Category:Breakfast|Snacks

8 Whole wheat Bread slices or regular sandwich bread
1 cup Potato curry(recipe follows)
1 Capsicum,de seeded and thinly sliced rounds
1 Onion,thinly sliced rounds
1 Tomato,thinly sliced rounds
1/4 cup Green Chutney
1 tsp Chaat masala or Sandwich masala
Salt to taste
Amul Butter
Sev,to top

for Potato stuffing:
2 large Potatoes,boiled
1/3 cup boiled fresh/frozen Green Peas
1 medium Onion ,finely chopped
2-3 Green chillies,chopped fine
1 tsp Green chili-Ginger paste
1 tsp Chat masala
1/4 tsp Turmeric powder
1/2 tsp Cumin seeds
1/2 tsp Mustard seeds
2 tbsp Coriander leaves,finely chopped
8-10 Curry leaves,finely chopped
salt to taste
2 tsp Oil

to prepare potato stuffing:
  • Mash the peeled and boiled potatoes and keep it aside.
  • Heat oil in a pan,crackle mustard seeds and cumin seed.
  • Add chopped green chillies,curry leaves and onions and fry until they turn pinkish in color.
  • Add green chilli-ginger paste,boiled fresh/frozen peas and fry well.
  • Add turmeric,salt and mashed potato to it and give a nice stir and cook it for a couple of minutes.Add a couple of tbsp of water to it and cook to get semi soft consistency curry.
  • Add chat masala and coriander to it and mix properly and keep it aside to cool down.
to prepare sandwich:
  • Apply butter on one side of bread slices.
  • Apply green chutney on the same side of all the bread slices to which we applied butter.
  • Apply a thick layer of potato stuffing uniformly using a butter knife,level the stuffing over the bread.
  • Arrange the thinly sliced vegetables(tomato,onion,capsicum) on the stuffing and sprinkle salt and chaat masala (or sandwich masala) over it.
  • Apply butter on the outer slice facing upwards and place it on the hot grill(upside down so that the buttered bread slice would be towards the grill).Now apply butter on the top slice and close the grill and let it grill until the bread becomes crisp and golden brown in color.
  • Remove the sandwich on to a plate and apply some butter(optional) on top of it.
  • Cut it into half in Triangle shaped Toast or else it can be cut into 4 pieces.
  • For a typical Bombay style Chat sandwich,spread some green chutney over the buttered toast sandwich and sprinkle some chaat masala and add sev generously over it and serve immediately.
Serve the toast hot with the Tomato ketchup and Green Chutney.

mumbai masala toast sandwich
  1. We get good variety of ready made sandwich masala  in Mumbai.If you do not have use chaat masala instead.
  2. You can avoid vegetables and just use potato stuffing for the sandwich.
  3. You can avoid potato stuffing and use all vegetables like sliced cucumbers, tomato, capsicum, onions, boiled sliced potatoes, beetroots to make vegetable sandwich.
  4. I prefer to use Amul salted butter for this sandwich,try to use it if you do not get it use any other butter.
  5. If you do not have griller roast the sandwich on tawa ,slightly press the sandwich while roasting so that the masala sticks to the sandwich.
  6. For Cheese masala toast add grated cheese generously over the vegetable mixture and grill it.
bombay toast sandwich
Check out the crispy bread outside and soft and melting filling inside.If you add cheese it would be a double treat to the taste buds.
potato toast sandwich


Shree said...

lip smacking recipe ! beautiful pictures too !

Indian Khana said...

I want !! looks so yum ....nice pics

Sayantani Mahapatra Mudi said...

uff this green chutney, masala filled toasts are a treat. wish could grab a piece from the picture.

great-secret-of-life said...

so yummy and perfect kids pleaser recipe

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Looks yummmmmmmm.........

Jeyashris Kitchen said...

I can have this anytime of the day. Looks awesome

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Perfect toast sandwich :)

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hhhmmm yummilicious toast and last click is mouth watering

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your receipes and great pictures. Daily check your blog and we get an idea, receipes to prepare for the day. Prepared pepper rasam, awesome.

chef and her kitchen said...

@anon...thanks for the feed back and your lovely comment..

Slot games said...

That looks yummy and so simple for a morning breakfast and my kids really enjoy these kinds of foods.

cookingwithsapana said...

Wonderful toast and awesome clicks!

Anonymous said...

Oh that looks so yummy and reminds me of the days i used to travel to mumbai for conferences and have yummy sandwich from the road side small sandwich places. This one looks very steamy hot and yummy.'


Sona - quick picks/pick quicks said...

lovely..very very tempting sandwiches !!

Priya Suresh said...

Sandwich,the word itself makes me drool, wat a tempting nicely browned toast.

Divya Shivaraman said...

That masala toast looks really yummy dear..perfect for snack too

Anusha said...

finally you put my mind at rest Prathy by telling me what exactly a bombay sandwich is! if i eat such delicious sammiches in my life, i ll definitely look like a barrel on 2 legs

lubnakarim06 said...

This Sandwich has got all my fav ingredients...sounds spicy and yum....

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Chitz said...

Wow.. A yummy masala.. Perfect sandwich with green chutney, potato masala & the one & only Amul butter.. Miss that soo much here !!

Raks said...

My favorite these days, perfect for breakfast!

Ms S said...

Made this for breakfast was delicious..lil change i made , i added garam masala instead of chat masala since it was unplanned and i dint have chat masala..wil try with chat masala soon..thanks for sharing. :-)

plasterer bristol said...

This looks really good, i thought i'd do a search for some new sandwich toaster ideas, getting a bit bored of cheese ha ha....


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