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Cornflakes Mixture Recipe | Cornflakes Chivda | Easy Diwali Snacks

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cornflakes mixture
Cornflakes mixture recipe with step by step photos.Diwali is just around the corner and many would have started the preparation process and cleaning the house for the festival.We have a tradition to give sweets or dry fruits along with diyas/gifts to friends and family.Every year I try to make few sweets and savories as I like to share the homemade sweets and snacks rather than the store bought and there are few exceptions at time when I am pressed for time I buy the ready stuff to share with friends.
cornflakes mixture
Cornflakes mixture is very light and crunchy snack to eat along with a cup of tea.It is a very simple mixture recipe which can be prepared with minimal ingredients available in the pantry.It is a very simple recipe compared to other mixtures or savories as we just need to deep fry all the ingredients separately and mix it with minimal spices at the end.I am posting a simple cornflakes chiwda recipe but one can add various ingredients like poha or sev to make it a bit heavy kind of mixture.Cornflakes consume less oil compared to other mixtures or sev varieties but make sure you use the fresh stock of raw cornflakes(not the cereal variety).
cornflakes mixture
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cornflakes chiwda
Here is how to make cornflakes mixture recipe with step by step photos.
Cornflakes Mixture | Cornflakes Chiwda Recipe:

Yields 1 medium box
Prep time:5 mins | Cooking time: 20 mins | Total time: 30 mins
Cuisine: Indian | Category: Snacks

2 cups raw Cornflakes
1/3 cup raw Peanuts
1/4 cup Cashew nuts,halved
1/4 cup Fried gram
1/4 cup Raisins
1/4 cup Curry leaves,washed and pat dried
1.5 tsp Red chili powder
3/4 tsp roasted Cumin powder
1/8 tsp Citric acid/Lemon salt
Salt,to taste or Kala namak(black salt)
Oil,to deep fry


  • Keep all the ingredients ready and heat oil in a thick kadai.
  • Once the oil is hot add peanuts and deep fry them until they turn slight red in color and remove them with a slotted spoon and put it in a steel bowl or steel strainer.
  • Repeat the process and fry all the ingredients like cashew nuts,fried gram,curry leaves and corn flakes separately.Every ingredient takes different time to get fried,so make sure you fry each ingredient separately and cornflakes need to be fried in several batches.
  • Finally add raisins and fry until they are plumped up and drain them immediately,do not fry them for long as they will harden or burn.
  • Once all the ingredients are fried put them in a large bowl and add salt,red chili powder, roasted cumin powder and citric acid and mix quickly while the fried ingredients are still hot/warm so that they get blended and coated well with the masalas.
Once it is cooled down store it in an air tight container.

  1. This stays good for 2-3 weeks when stored properly in an air tight container.
  2. You can add the ingredients more or less according to your wish.
  3. You can even add sliced or whole fried almonds or fried poha or sev or bhujia or kara sev to the cornflakes mixture.
  4. You can even add little powdered sugar while mixing the mixture but I do not prefer to add it.
  5. The addition of citric acid is optional but one can even add kala namak(black salt) or chaat masala for different flavor.
  6. If you want to keep the spices simple avoid cumin powder too in the recipe.
  7. Make sure that you always deep fry the cornflakes on medium flame, if it is fried on low flame(or oil is not hot enough) it will consume lot of oil.
cornflakes chiwda


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Cornflakes chiwda is really a nice crunchy snack.Mainly it is very light and good for health

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