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Pacchi Pulusu | Raw Tamarind Rasam | Easy Rasam Varieties

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'Pacchi Pulusu' in Telugu literally translates to 'Raw Stew'. We even call it as 'Pacchi Chaaru' or 'Pacchaaru'. It is a raw tamarind stew where the tangy taste of tamarind is balanced with spicy one  from green chillies and sweetish tinge from jaggery. Finely chopped raw onions are added to it for extra crunch.This is the the usual method of preparing pacchi pulusu,but at my MIL's place they add roasted urad dal powder to it and it is called 'Minapa pindi Pachi Pulusu ' (Urad dal powder tamarind stew).The addition of urad dal powder not only adds thickness but also helps balances the taste of Pacchi Pulusu. It is though optional to add the tempering to the rasam.This is an ideal preparation if you are craving for something tangy to tickle your taste buds.You can check out another version of pacchi pulusu called 'Aratikaya(Raw Banana) Pacchi Pulusu' in my blog.

Pacchi Pulusu | Pacchi Chaaru | Raw Tamarind Rasam Recipe:

(serves 2)

1 big lemon sized Tamarind
2-3 tbsp grated Jaggery
2 tbsp roasted Urad dal powder*(optional,see notes)
2-3 Green chillies
1 Onion,finely chopped
Salt to taste

to temper(optional):
1 tsp Oil/Ghee
1/2 tsp Mustard seeds
a sprig of Curry leaves

  • Soak tamarind in water for 10-15 mins and extract the pulp and dilute the tamarind pulp with approx 1- 1 1/4 cups of water.
  • Add grated jaggery,urad dal powder(if using) and salt to it and mix and make sure that no lumps are formed.
  • Traditionally green chillies are squeezed directly with hand in the above mixture.This process might create some burning sensation in your palms,hence I usually use my mortar and pestle to crush the slit chillies a bit and add to the rasam.You do not need to grind the chillies to a paste,just crush it roughly and add.
  • Now mix everything well and taste the rasam at this point.Adjust the consistency of rasam and also the sweet,spicyness,tangyness and salt in it.The taste depends on individual taste buds and hence adjust it according to your taste buds.
  • Add finely chopped onion to it and mix well.The more the onions the better the taste is.
  • This step of tempering is optional but I do it sometimes.Heat oil/ghee in a small tempering pan and crackle mustard seeds and add curry leaves and fry them and add them to the rasam.
  • Let it stand for half an hour for the flavors blend well.If you wish you can serve immediately.
Serve it with hot rice and papad/fryums.This rasam would be at room temperature as we do not heat it.

*making urad dal flour:
  • Dry roast whole urad with skin(or white urad dal) over medium flame until you get nice aroma and well roasted ,it takes around 4-5 mins and let it cool and then powder them into a smooth powder.
  • This can be refrigerated 3-4 months and can be used to prepare Andhra famous sweet called  'Sunnunda' and this 'Pacchi pulusu'.
  1. Usually in regular 'Pacchi Pulusu' we do  not add roasted urad dal powder.If I have the roasted urad dal powder in hand I usually add it otherwise it is optional.It adds the thickness as well as the taste to Pachhi Pulusu.
  2. I have mentioned in the method about how to crush green chillies.So do not attempt doing it using your hands unless you are used to it.
  3. This recipe depends on your taste buds and there are no actual measurements to make this rasam.You need the adjust the consistency,spicyness,tangyness,sweetness and salt according to your wish.


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looks simple and tasty...

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Sounds so tasty!!

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We do in the same way! This is also known as Poor Man's Soup, but very perfect dish for summer!

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Itried to do in same way, but failed. once again ill try to do....

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Very long time I had this have reminded me ...looks perfect for this hot summer

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