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Raw Onion Chutney | Ulli Karam for Idli and Dosa

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ulli karam
How many of you like raw Onions? I am sure that there would be a mixed bunch of people who likes it and who do not like it. I like to eat a slice or two of raw onions along with rice for my lunch or in salads. Raw onions taste best with podi varieties and pacchadi varieties when mixed with rice, it is a must to add raw onions to the pacchadi varieties like Chintakaya Pacchadi , Gongura Pacchadi etc. My MIL makes this Ulli Karam to go with Idli and Dosa varieties  but she makes sure that she has another accompaniment option like sambar or any other chutney variety along with Ulli karam. The reason being simple is this is a raw chutney strongly flavored with raw onions and hence you need another accompaniment to go with to nullify the strong taste of onions. The key taste for this chutney is in the way it is ground, it tastes nice when prepared chunky instead of smooth paste.This chutney tastes best when it is made super spicy and also one needs to add liberal amount of sesame oil or melted ghee to it. You can even spread this chutney in dosa once it is done, it tastes delicious too.
raw onion chutney
I have posted another version of raw onion chutney - Erra Karam long back which is slightly different from this version, you should even try Erra karam dosa too which good reviews from many of my readers.If you do not like the flavor of raw onions, you should try my other version of Onion chutney with dry coconut, it tastes really fabulous.

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raw onion chutney

Raw Onion Chutney | Ullipaya Karam Recipe:
Serves 2-3
Total Prep time:10 mins | Cooking time: NIL
Cuisine: South Indian | Category: Chutney for Idli/Dosa - Accompaniments

20-25 small Shallots or 2 Onions
4-5 Green Chillies
1/2 cup tightly packed Coriander leaves
1 tsp Tamarind Pulp
Salt to taste
1-2 tbsp Sesame Oil/ melted Ghee

  • Cut the ends of shallots and soak them in a bowl of water for 10 mins. This will make the process of peeling the skin of onions easier. Peel the skins and keep them ready, if the shallots are big cut them into 2-3 pieces. If you are using large onions peel and cut them into chunks roughly.
  • Wash and remove the hard stems of coriander and roughly chop the coriander and green chillies.
  • In a blender add shallots, chopped green chillies, coriander, tamarind pulp and salt and pulse it in whipper mode to get a coarse chutney. Do not grind it longer, just pulse it until you get chunky chutney as shown. You do not require any water, if required add a tbsp of water while grinding.
  • Remove the chutney to a bowl and add sesame oil or melted ghee and mix it nicely.
Serve it with Idli and Dosa varieties along with Sambar. You can even spread this chutney in the dosa once it is done, it tastes delicious too!!

raw onion chutney
  1. Shallots are preferred over onions for this recipe. If you do not have shallots you can use onions instead.
  2. This chutney tastes best when made it spicy, so adjust the spiciness as required.
  3. As this is raw onion chutney the flavor of onions is strong and it can be subsided slightly by the addition of liberal amount of sesame oil and ghee.However I suggest you to serve it along with Sambar or any other chutney.
  4. You can replace green chillies with soaked red chillies or red chili powder in the recipe and you can add the tempering of mustard seeds to it at the end.
  5. You can add few curry leaves(4-5 leaves) while grinding which adds a different flavor to the chutney.But do not add more curry leaves.
ullipaya karam


Unknown said...

Wow. Chutney looks really nice. I think I will enjoy it as a spread on dosa and then have it with Sambhar or another regular chutney.
Thanks for sharing.

Indian Khana said...

We don't add tamarind rest is same and eat with chawal roti or paratha ...looks very yum

Aps Kitchen said...

Love raw onions...this variety is Yum!

Torviewtoronto said...

delicious combination of flavours

Chitra said...

sounds yum. i make a similar one. will try this version..

lubnakarim06 said...

That's a mouthwatering chutney.....

Divya Shivaraman said...

This is my fav with simple onion and red chilli with some salt...coriander is something new....they are so good with drops of coconut oil for dosa

CbeFoodBlogger said...

Yummy tangy chutney.. we make with just onion and green chilly with coconut oil

Unknown said...


dewdrops said...

Dear Prathy
I tried this chutney. I omitted tamarind and little fine grinding was done.
I added generous amount of gingelly oil. It was fresh and yummy in taste with idlies. Thank you very much for this easy fresh flavourful recipe.

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