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I like Dosa a lot and I think you might have seen several of my posts that suggest my linking for it. I never get bored of dosa, as it offers several varieties .If you ask me to describe a perfect dosa, I would say that 'Dosa should have red crispy crust without a single white spot and a soft and porous white interior'. I know you might be thinking that the description and the photos in this post don't quite match the description given by me ? Well....let me explain, as far as I remember, I never carried dosas in my lunch box nor I ate them cold, as they get soggy or hard and I really hate those kind of dosas.I never preferred to get a dosa parcel from any hotel for the same reason.For me it should be right off the pan to the plate .

If I ever think of carrying or sending dosa for lunch box it would be either Atukula dosa(Sponge dosa) as it is really soft and spongy or Neer dosa which is soft for a long time.If I keep my logic aside and speak about the specialty of today's recipe.This is a regular dosa variety which is prepared in every south Indian household but with some of my touches and tricks which helps in keeping the dosa soft for a long time - for up to 3-4 hrs.Hence it is ideal to pack for lunch boxes or for travel.I have mentioned in the method about both the ways of making dosa - for regular as well as for packing lunch boxes.Adapt the version according to your requirements.
If you are a person who is looking for a crispy and soft dosa(remember my description above??) I would not disappoint you as I have another recipe which meets your requirements. Check out this recipe for a crispier version of dosa recipe or alternatively check the notes mentioned below to modify this recipe.
Plain Soft Dosa Recipe:
(makes around 25)

3 cups regular raw Rice(sona masuri,ponni equivalent)
1 cup Urad dal
2 tbsp Chana dal
2 tbsp Flattened rice(Poha/Atukulu)
1/2 tsp Fenugreek seeds
Salt to taste
Oil,for roasting dosas

for Dosa batter:
  • Wash rice,dals and methi seeds all together for 2-3 times in running water and soak them for a minimum of 4-5 hrs or overnight.

  • Next day morning soak poha for an hour before starting the grinding process of the batter.

  • Grind everything together to a smooth paste using enough water in the wet grinder for better results.The batter should neither be very thick like idli batter nor very thin.

  • Add enough salt to the ground batter just before removing the batter from grinder.Remove the batter into a larger container which gives enough room for the batter to rise.

  • Ferment the batter for 12-15 hrs at room temperature or keep it in oven in winters with light on for speeding up the process of fermentation.The fermented batter would be frothy and almost double in volume.
for making Dosa:
  • I am sure everyone knows how to make simple plain dosa,still I explain the process of making it for people who are not familiar with it.
  • If the dosa batter is taken out from refrigerator,take out the portion how much you need and let it come to the room temperature.
  • Mix the fermented dosa batter well.Check the consistency of dosa batter,it should be of pourable consistency,if needed add little water and mix well.

  • Pour a big ladle of batter onto a medium hot pan and spread it in the circular motion towards the outer edge to form a uniform round shaped dosa.Do not make this dosa either very thin nor very thick,if it is very thin your dosa will get hard once it is cold and if it is very thick it would become very chewy.
  • Pour 1 tbsp oil approx over it and cover it with a lid.
  • For SOFT DOSA - Let it roast on medium-high flame for 1-2 mins(do not roast for quite long if you are thinking of packing the dosa) and remove the lid and turn the dosa to the other side.Sprinkle 1/2 tsp of water(very little,just few drops) over dosa on the back side of dosa and roast for a minute.This way dosa will stay soft for long.Fold the dosa into half and then into half again.

  • For Regular Dosa - Let it roast on medium-high flame for 1-2 mins,remove the lid and increase the flame and roast for another 1 minute.Turn the dosa to the other side and fry for a minute and serve directly.
  • Reduce the flame for one minute and then start preparing the next dosa.Do not pour the batter on high flame,the batter will stick to the tawa.If you feel the tawa is over heated sprinkle some water over it before making next dosa.
Serve dosa with chutney of your choice like coconut chutney/groundnut chutney/mint chutney/tomato chutney/tomato onion chutney.
  1. Do not close the box with air tight lid while fermenting.Cover with a loose plate and once the dosa batter is fermented cover the box with air tight lid which helps in keeping the batter fresh for long.
  2. Always scoop out the required amount of batter from the box and keep the remaining batter refrigerated,do not mix the batter vigorously while removing it from the box.
  3. If your dosa starts sticking to the pan,clean the pan and spray PAM(non stick Oil spray) all over the hot pan and run it in the water and follow the procedure, you can really avoid that messy job.
  4. If you do not have pam spray pour 1-2 tbsp of oil on the hot pan and prepare tadka (just add mustard seeds) and remove it and let the pan cool and follow the procedure.
  1. This dosa stays softer for long and is ideal for lunch boxes or journeys.Do not roast dosa for long in case if you are planning to pack it for lunch box.
  2. Smear the pan with a half sliced onion every time you make dosa which gives a nice flavor to dosa.
  3. If you want a crispier dosa,soak and grind equal quantities of raw rice(1 1/2 cups) and par boiled rice(1 1/2 cups) in the above recipe and follow the same procedure.

You can check out my personal crispier version of plain dosa here.


Deeksha said...

Very useful. Thanks for sharing.

sathya said...

Nice and detailed post, thanks for sharing the secret to make soft dosas!

Sangeetha Nambi said...

Dosa with podi/chutney, always Rocks.... Nice click...

Unknown said...

Great post, we as kids always had different requirement, i liked crispy dosa & my sis used to prefer the soft one. your post refreshed my memory. Thanks

I would be glad if you could stop by my space & follow if you like

Unknown said...

Very detailed post. dosa looks os soft and yummy.

virunthu unna vaanga said...

very detailed explanation... nice post...

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Detailed explanation...thanks for sharing..

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delicious dear!! inviting you tp join Fast food- Noodles

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I have never thought that making dosa has so many tips n tricks , very useful.. I am a dosa lover. would try the way u told for lunch box . thnx prathy :)Bookmarked !!

Indian Khana said...

Perfect bfast ...nice detail recipe ...gud going

Jeyashris Kitchen said...

Super soft and yummy dosa and wonderful explanations make it more nice

Unknown said...

Excellent.your explanation,tricks and tips to prepare perfect dosa is superb.

Unknown said...

Pratibha! Love your step by step recipe. Beautiful dosas! Its interesting to note the different proportions people use. My mum used Rice & urad only! :)

(Psst.. in case you're wondering who the hell I am barging into your blog & talking to u as if we've known each other for ages, :D I AM a regular follower of your blog. I just switched domain so commenting from a new a/c! :D)

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M D said...

That dosa looks so soft and perfect! Well done!

Suja Manoj said...

Nice post,detailed explanation,thanks for sharing.

dassana said...

dosas are mine fav too. my mom makes really soft dosas and most of the time they would go in my tiffin box. they would stay soft for hours.

i do agree with you that poha dosa and neer dosa are the best for tiffins.

Sobha Shyam said...

super delicious and soft dosa, making me hungry :)

Savi-Ruchi said...

I always make soft dosas & pack it for my son. He loves to eat them at school.

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Dosa look soft & yummy.. The combo is awesome...

Archana said...

Great info.Thanks. I am hosting WTML All through August’12. Do send me your entries

Unknown said...

Good tips Prathibha, dosa looks soft.

Anonymous said...

Can I use idli rice instead of regular rice for the batter?

Anonymous said...

Can I use idli rice instead of regular rice?

chef and her kitchen said...

Hi anonymous, you can use idli rice for the batter,but you would not get the soft dosa,dosa would turn super crisp and I like that too.

kate said...

Soft and yummy dosa. Thanks for sharing.

Samantha said...

Delicious dosa.....they are my favorite!!Can eat every day :)

Anonymous said...

what is the reason of a tight dosa?

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