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I am compiling all the recipes at one place which are part of Ganesh Chaturthi Menu so that it would be easy for any one to plan their menu.I have clearly mentioned various sections,so all you need to do is go through the menu and plan the menu according to your convenience.

Ganesh Chaturthi Specials(Any ONE - but MUST HAVE):
    1) KUDUMULU/MODAK - 3 Varieties with coconut filling, groundnut filling and Sesame filling2) Karida KADUBU / Deep fried MODAK / Kari Kudumulu :Breakfast Menu on Ganesh Chaturthi:
    1. Idli Recipe
    2. Medu Vada
    3. Avarekaalu Kadubu/Spiced Steamed Rice flour Dumplings
    4. Billa Kudumulu/Rice Rava Dumplings
    5. Kandi nooka Billa Kudumulu/Toor dal-Rice Rava Dumplings
    6. Upma Kozhukattai
    7. Undraalu with Biyyam rava - Andhra recipe
    Lunch Menu on Ganesh Chaturthi:

    Sundal and stir fry varieties(ONE or TWO varieties from each category):
    1. Lobia Sundal/Alasandula Guggillu
    2. Avarekaalu Kadubu/Spiced Steamed Rice flour Dumplings
    3. Kabuli Chana Sundal
    4. Peanut sundal
    5. Mixed Bean Sundal
    6. Sweet Corn Sundal
    7. Beans Stir fry
    8. Beans-carrot Palya
    9. Raw Banana Stir fry
    Vada/Snack varieties(ONE or TWO Varieties):
    1. Alasandula(Lobia) Vada/Fritters
    2. Masala Vada/Chana dal Vada
    3. Mixed Dal Ambode(Vada)
    4. Mosaru Ambode/Dahi Dal Vada
    5. Dahi Vada/Perugu Vada/Mosaru Vade
    6. Kandi Vuntalu / Steamed Toor dal Dumplings
    7. Stuffed Capsicum with Lentils
    8. Avarekaalu Kadubu/Spiced Steamed Rice flour Dumplings
    Rice Varieties(ONE or TWO Varieties):
    1. Dabbakaya Pulihora/Indian Grapefruit Rice
    2. Lemon Rice/Chitrannam
    3. Mamidikaya Pulihora/Maavinkay Chitranna
    4. Pulihora/Puliyogre
    5. Chintapandu pulihora - Andhra style
    6. Raw Mango Rice/Mamidikayi Gojju Annam
    Dal/Stew/Rasam Varieties(All Varieties-ONE each):
    1. Moong dal /Pesara Kattu
    2. Kandi Vunta Majjiga Pulusu / Steamed Toor dal Dumplings Stew
    3. Holige Saaru/ Special Toor dal Rasam or Chickpeas Rasam/Senagala Kattu
    Main sweet recipes(ONE- compulsory):
    1. Steamed Kudumulu - with 3 fillings
    2. Karida Kadubu Fried Modak
    3. Paneer Modak Peda
    4. Bele Holige Pappu Obbattu
    5. Bellam Kudumulu Vella Ammini Kozhukattai
    6. Boorelu | Suzhiyan | Sugunta
    7. Garugu Obbattu-Holige with rice flour and coconut stuffing
    8. Paal Kozhukattai | Undralla Payasam
    Kheer/Payasam(ONE or TWO Varieties):
    1. Moong Dal Kheer / Pesara Pappu Payasam
    2. Phool Makhana Kheer
    3. Poha Kheer/Aval Payasam
    4. Paal Payasam / Rice Milk Pudding
    5. Sabudhana Kheer / Sago Payasam


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