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Talimpu Gongura | Gongura Curry | Noone Gongura

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Gongura(Red Sorrel leaves) is very famous in Andhra Pradesh especially for its various varieties like Gongura Pacchadi(Gongura chutney),Niluva Gongura Pacchadi(Gongura pickle) and Gongura pappu(Gongura Dal). I have not posted any of these famous varieties although I make them quite often. I had earlier posted a recipe of Gongura Pulusu Kura which is a stewed version of Gongura and chana dal which is quite tangy and goes well with rice.

Coming to today's recipe, my mom prefers to make this version of Talimpu Gongura instead of the regular gongura pacchadi.She says that this version is quite easy to make, tastier and stays for long(up to 15 days when refrigerated)It is also called 'Noone Gongura', which literally translates to 'Oil Sorrel leaves' and please don't get mistaken that lots of oil is used in this recipe.The recipe demands plucking the leaves individually,wash and dry the leaves under shade for up to 15-18 hrs or 1 day which is the only tedious task. Other than that, preparing this Talimpu Gongura is a breeze.
As we do not chop the leaves, the whole leaves wilt in the process of drying and frying which gives a ugly stringy look to the finished product but trust me, while you eat that big strands of tangy fried leaves, you would just love it. If it tastes absolutely delicious,who cares about looks right?It is very simple and no grinding is required,you need to fry..fry.. fry and it is all done.This recipe uses lots of garlic and onions which imparts a special flavor and taste to this.This is even my personal favorite of Gongura,if you ever get to lay your hands on these delicious Sorrel leaves do try out this version of gongura. Please read the insturctions and notes properly before heading to prepare it.
Talimpu Gongura | Sorrel Leaves Curry Recipe:
(Serves 3-4)
Shelf life: 15 days when refrigerated

1 big bunch(5-6 cups) Red Sorrel leaves(Gongura)
1 big Onion,chopped thin
12-15 small Garlic pods
3-4 Red chillies
1 tsp Red chili powder
2 tsp Urad dal
1 tbsp Chana dal
1/2 tsp Mustard seeds
Salt to taste
3-4 tbsp Oil
  • Remove the leaves from the stems carefully and wash them properly for 3-4 times.Drain them in the colander until all the water drains away.Spread them on a big towel and dry it in shade for at least 15-18 hrs or 1 day.

  • Dry them until the water is completely dried and the leaves becomes soft and also take care that they should not become crisp.In summers it will take less time so use your judgement for time say 1/2 day.See the above picture for a better idea.

  • Heat oil in kadai and crackle mustard seeds.Add chana dal and urad dal and fry until they turn red in color.
  • Add broken red chillies followed by garlic and fry well.

  • Add onions and fry until the garlic and onions start turning brown on the edges.They should not become crisp but they should have that brown edges.

  • Add the sorrel leaves(gongura) and fry,the leaves starts wilting and it reduces in volume.Fry it for 12-15 mins until the leaves are fried.The leaves should be cooked but soft and not crisp. (OR)
    Here you can remove the onion mixture and keep them aside and add gongura leaves to the kadai and fry them until they are 3/4th done.Add the removed onion mixture and fry again until it is completely done.This process would make sure that you do not over fry the dals,onions and gongura leaves.

  • Now add salt and red chili powder and fry for another 2 mins.

  • Cool it and store it in a clean box in refrigerator.This stays good for 15 days.
Serve it with hot rice,ghee and chopped onions.
  1. We do not chop the leaves of sorrel greens,so make sure that you will pluck only leaves removing all the stems.If you have few thin strands of stems here and there it is fine to use them.
  2. If your garlic pods are big cut them into 2 or 3.Use 5-6 big garlic pods in that case.
  3. Always dry the leaves in single layer so that all the leaves will get dried.Make sure that they stay soft and not dry up completely.
  4. This would stay longer up to 15 days.If you want you can make this like regular curry following the same procedure by not drying the leaves under shade.
  5. Alternatively you can fry gongura(sorrel leaves) in another kadai and add to the seasonings and onions which are fried in another kadai.This would make sure that you will not end up with hard gongura.

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Kurinji said...

Lovely curry...

Mythreyi said...

Hmmm, Yummm Looks so tempting esp with rice...

Yum! Yum! Yum!

Akila said...

Simple yet yummy... Love ur ways

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Nisha said...

Its a very different from the regular chutneys that i have seen

Hari Chandana P said...

Very traditional and tempting recipe.. chala bagundi :)
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Rachana said...

This is quite a new dish to me. A very different and interesting recipe.

Jeyashris Kitchen said...

Never tasted gongura in any form apart from chutney. nicely done

virunthu unna vaanga said...

very new to me...

Valarmathi Sanjeev said...

Nice recipe...looks yummy and tempting with rice.

Kaveri Venkatesh said...

A very interesting recipe..never made gongura this way..always make only pachadi..

Myvegfare said...

pass the plate parthy, looks so delicious, wish I could get hold of gongura leaves

Indian Khana said...

Yum gongura ...this looks gud and nice pics gal

Savi-Ruchi said...

loved the picture of this mixed with rice. I always made gongura pachchdi. This looks extremely tempting because of loads of garlic! Bookmarking it right away. Thanks for sharing

FewMinute Wonders said...

Very interesting that you have made something different with gongura. I have only tasted it in pickle form.

Unknown said...

Lovely, we never make this, but I had it years ago when one of my collegues had shared a spoonful from her treasured stock and it was mouthwatering. I know now this is how she had made it :-)

Madhavi said...

I have been a silent reader of your website and I love it! Thanks for sharing!

chef and her kitchen said...

@Madhavi..Thanks for d comment..:)

Priya dharshini said...

tempting version of gongura curry..

Archana said...

New to me. In fact these leaves I think in Kannnada are called pundi pallya. I loved them when Amma made them now I do not buy it.
I am hosting WTML All through August’12. Do send me your entries

Sumi said...

love this recipe, Bookmarked this.Will try this for sure

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