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Togarikalu Saaru | Fresh Pigeon Peas Rasam

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togarikalu saaru
We get various varieties of beans like fresh peas, hyacinth beans(avarekalu),lilva toovar(pigeon peas), fresh chickpeas etc in the market during winters.Our family is a big fan of Avarekalu and during the season my mom buys them in kilos every week and prepare various dishes with it.But the process of shell the beans and peeling the skin is time consuming and is labor intensive process, I really don't have that much patience to shell them like my mom does. But thankfully finding the shelled beans is not that difficult these days, it is easily available even in mumbai. I get all these shelled beans varieties like avarekalu,togarikalu in the local markets here easily.
togarikalu saaru
We prepare Avarekalu Saaru using the fresh tender avarekalu beans which pairs up nicely with Ragi mudde or plain steamed rice.I followed the same process and prepared this Togarikalu saaru and it tasted equally delicious. You can use togarikalu to prepare pulao or kurma or if they are tender you can boil them with salt and eat them fresh.
fresh pigeon peas rasam

fresh pigeon peas rasam

Togarikaalu Saaru |  Fresh Pigeon Peas Rasam:
Serves 3-4
Prep time:10 mins | Cooking time: 30 mins | Total time: 40 mins
Cuisine:South Indian | Category: Rasam-Sidedish

1 cup Togarikalu(fresh Pigeon Peas/lilva toovar)
1/3 cup grated fresh Coconut
1 1/2 tsp Tamarind extract
2 tsp grated Jaggery
3 tbsp of chopped Coriander leaves
Salt to taste

to roast and grind:
1 tsp Coriander seeds
1/2 tsp Cumin seeds
5-6 Pepper Corns
3-4 Red chillies

for tempering:
2 tsp Oil/Ghee
1/2 tsp Mustard seeds
1 Red chilli
a sprig of Curry leaves

  • Wash the pigeon peas and add 1 cup of water and pressure cook it for 3-4 whistles.
  • Dry roast coriander seeds, cumin seeds, peppercorns and red chilies and let them cool and grind to a coarse powder.
  • Add 1 ladle of cooked fresh pigeon peas, grated fresh coconut, coriander leaves, tamarind extract, salt and jaggery to the ground mixture and grind it to a fine paste by adding water.

  • Add the ground mixture to the cooked pigeon peas(with water) and bring it to a boil again, reduce the flame and cook for 8-10 mins until the mixture is cooked nicely.Check the taste and adjust the seasoning as required.
  • In a small tadka pan heat ghee/oil and crackle mustard seeds and add red chillies and curry leaves and fry them and add this tempering to the boiling rasam and cook for a couple of minutes.
Serve the rasam with plain steamed rice and papad or Ragi mudde.
togarikalu saaru
  1. You can follow the same process for Avarekalu Saaru by replacing pigeon peas with tender hyacinth beans.
fresh pigeon peas rasam


PRIYA said...

Nice Article…
Thank you for sharing…

Unknown said...

It is really a mouth watering tastey variety of rasam ,well presented

Rani Vijoo said...

Interesting post, recipe and clicks. Simply awesome!!!

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Nishka Nachappa said...

Looks delicious. Perfect lunch for a lazy winter afternoon when had with rice. I make this slightly different. The masala I grind consists of ready sambhar powder, grated coconut, a small onion and a teaspoon of cumin seeds. I add crushed garlic and green chillies to the tempering. But will try your recipe now that it's pigeon peas and hyacinth beans season in Mysore.

Nirupama said...

Looks so vibrant and tempting! Going to try it out soon

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