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Baked Nippattu Recipe | Iyengar Bakery style Baking Nippattu

baking nippattu
Baked Nippattu recipe with step by step photos. If you have ever visited an Iyengar bakery in Bangalore you would have been familiar with these snacks - Benne Biscuit, Khara Biscuit,Kobbari Biscuit, Palya buns, Baked Nippattu,Honey cake,Plain cake,veg puffs,Khara buns, rusk,Vegetable toast, Khara bread etc to name a few and these are all my favorite goodies among all the available items in the bakery.When ever I visit Bengaluru it is must for me to eat these goodies and carry back few with me while coming back to my place.I usually get Khara buns, plain cake, Khara bread, rusk, mixed bicuits and baked nippattu along with me.Though the shelf life of Khara buns and Khara bread is less we enjoy it as our breakfast and dinner for two days and finish them off while the rest can be stored for a couple of weeks.
baked nippattu
Baked Nippattu is a baked version of the nippattu but the main ingredients used in the regular nippattu and baked nippattu are completely different.While the regular nippattu is made out of rice flour, baked nippattu is prepared using all purpose flour.Both the versions taste good on their own and I absolutely love both the versions. You can check out how to prepare traditional nippattu recipe here and today I am posting the Iyengar bakery style baked nippattu,which is also known as Baking nippattu.
baked nippattu
The recipe which I am posting today is adapted from Red chilies and it has been tried several times and I have replaced the flour with the wheat flour and have achieved good results.Though it tastes best with the regular flour the ones prepared with the wheat flour are no less in taste compared to the regular flour ones. The key taste factor in these baked nippattus is the onions which are baked to crisp and that gives a sweet hint of taste in every bite.Also, the more thin you roll the more it tastes better.Do try out this simple and delicious baking nippattu recipe and enjoy these homemade goodies with a cup of tea.
baked nippattu
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baked nippattu
Here is how to prepare iyengar bakery style baked nippattu recipe with step by step photos.
Iyengar Bakery style Baked Nippattu Recipe:
Yields 25 crackers
Prep time: 30 mins | Baking time:20 mins | Total time: 50 mins+ resting time
Cuisine: Karnataka | Category: Snacks

1 cup All purpose flour/Wheat flour
1/2 tsp Baking soda
1.5 tbsp Sesame seeds
1.5 tsp Sugar
3/4 tsp Salt
1 big Onion,finely chopped
2 Green chilies, finely chopped
2-3 tbsp finely chopped Coriander leaves
2 tbsp Butter,melted
3 tbsp Oil
2-3 tbsp Warm water

  • In a bowl add flour(or wheat flour) ,baking soda, sesame seeds,sugar and salt and mix nicely.
  • Add finely chopped onions, coriander leaves, green chilies, oil, melted butter to the flour mix and mix it nicely.
  • Now sprinkle warm water little by little and make it to a tight dough and knead it for a couple of minutes and cover it with a damp cloth and keep it aside for half an hour.
  • Preheat the oven at 180 deg C/350 deg F for 10-12 mins.
  • Knead the dough again for a minute and divide the dough into big lemon size balls.
  • Take one ball and dip it in dry flour and roll like a thin chapati. If this does not work place the ball in between two plastic sheets and press it to a thin roti using a puri presser.
  • Use a 2.5" round cutter and cut the rolled roti into circular discs as shown in the picture.
  • Prick them with a fork at a couple of places to avoid them getting puffed up while baking.
  • I used a flat spatula and lifted it carefully and place it on the parchment paper placed over a baking tray.
  • Now gather the scraps from the cut out circular discs and reroll to make the thin chapati and follow the same process with the left over dough too.Place the circular discs giving some space in between on the parchment paper.
  • Bake it in a preheated oven t 170 deg F for 15-18 mins until they are crisp. Keep an eye after 12 mins, do not bake it until dark brown as they get burnt and will not taste nice. 
  • I baked them in two batches and I got around 25 crackers.
  • Remove the tray and let the crackers down a bit on the parchment paper and then remove them and place on the wire rack and let them cool completely.
Store them in an air tight container and enjoy it with a cup of tea/coffee.

  1. I have used both all purpose flour and wheat flour in the recipe and succeeded with the results.Hence I use wheat flour in the recipe instead of all purpose flour but I suggest to try with all purpose flour if you are attempting for the first time.
  2. Needless to say that Maida based ones taste better but the wheat flour one was equally good, you can take my words and try it.It was easier to roll the wheat flour one than the maida ones.
  3. I like the thin baked nippattus and hence I rolled the dough to a thin roti, if you like it thick you can keep it slightly thick. But the thinner ones turn out crispy and stay crisp even after a week when stored properly.
  4. Add little water and make it to a tight dough else you cannot roll it thin.
  5. Please do not compromise on the fat quantity used in the recipe, else it does not turn out nice.
  6. Cut the onions very finely else it will be difficult in rolling the dough.
  7. Do not forget to prick them nicely before baking.
baked nippattu

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Mango Smoothie Bowl | Easy Breakfast Smoothie Bowl Recipes

mango smoothie bowl
Mango smoothie bowl recipe with step by step photos.Smoothie bowls have been the latest craze over the Instagram and I always admired those artistic looking smoothie bowls. Actually it does not require a post but I am posting a simple Mango smoothie bowl recipe which gives a fair idea about the ingredients that go in it so that any one can prepare it at home and enjoy.
mango smoothie bowl

If you have cut frozen fruits preparing a smoothie bowl is a breeze.The preparation process of smoothie bowl is very simple and one can create smoothie bowl according to their personal choice. The options for the base smoothies are endless - mixed berries, avocados, bananas, mangoes or combination of fruits. The toppings are left to each individual's choice - use the fruits of your choice along with the base fruit used in the smoothie, berries, various nuts like almonds, cashews, walnuts, pecans, pistachios and dried cranberries(or raisins). Apart from fruits,berries and nuts , the addition of various seeds - pumpkin, sunflower,melon seeds,chia seeds and coconut flakes adds a nice bite to the smoothie bowl. I usually serve mine with either granola or weetabix but one can even avoid it if you don't have it or can be eaten with cornflakes.
Smoothie bowls are quite heavy and keeps you full until mid morning.One can even blend oats with the frozen fruits with yogurt and add toppings of your choice.You can create your own smoothie bowl and enjoy those delicious looking smoothie bowls for your breakfast with out much effort.
mango smoothie bowl
Here is how to make mango smoothie bowl recipe with step by step photos:
Mango Smoothie Bowl Recipe:

Serves 1-2 | Author: Prathibha
Prep time: 15 mins | Cooking time: NIL | Total time: 15 mins
Cuisine: International | Category: Breakfast

for smoothie base:
1 cup frozen Mango cubes
1 cut Banana,frozen
2/3 cup thick Curd/Greek Yogurt
1/4 cup Milk
2-3 tsp Honey

for toppings:
1/2 cup cut Mango cubes
1 small Banana,cut into pieces
1/2 Avocado,sliced(optional)
1/4 cup Blackberries(any berries will do)
1-2 tbsp Chia seeds, soaked in water for an hour
1.5 tbsp Pumpkin seeds
1 tbsp Sunflower seeds
1-2 tbsp chopped nuts of your choice(almonds,cashews,walnuts,pecans)
1 tbsp dried Cranberries(or raisins,optional)
2 tbsp Sweet coconut flakes,optional
1/3 cup Granola/Cornflakes or 2 Weetabix
1 tsp Honey,to drizzle


  • Blend frozen mango cubes and banana cubes with yogurt,milk and honey to a smooth puree and pour it into one large serving bowl or 2 small bowls.
  • Arrange the cut fruits - mango,banana,avocado and berries in a way you want.
  • Sprinkle the nuts,seeds,cranberries(or raisins),sweet coconut flakes in a way you want.
  • Add soaked chia seeds and sprinkle some chia seeds on top.
  • Top it with granola or crumble weetabix on top and drizzle honey over it.
Serve it immediately.Mix it and enjoy eating, its delicious!!

  1. The addition of fruits are as per your wish. Bananas and berries go with any flavored smoothie bowl.
  2. You can be experimental with various toppings of nuts,seeds etc.
  3. You can create various fruit flavored smoothie bowls like Berry bowls where you can blend frozen berries with yogurt and milk to a desired consistency.
  4. In case you do not like frozen fruit, use fresh fruit instead.
  5. If you don't have chia seeds, use basil seeds instead.
mango smoothie bowl

Monday, May 22, 2017

Gulkand Ice Cream Recipe | Eggless Ice Cream Recipes

gulkand ice cream
Gulkand Ice cream recipe with step by step photos.Summers call for mocktails, fresh fruit juices. popsicles, ice creams and kulfis to beat the heat. I am not an Ice cream lover though I would like to eat them once in a while and I prefer Kulfi to Ice cream any day.But TH is very fond of Ice creams and he always buy a small ice cream tub or a cone or at least an ice cream bar when he accompanies me for shopping.
gulkand ice cream
Though I prepare Mango Ice cream and Mango Kulfi  without fail every mango season I never ventured out to try other icecream flavors at home back in India.But after shifting to Singapore we miss having those Indian Ice cream flavors and hence I made this Gulkand Ice cream recently and TH loved it to the core and finished the box even before I realized.So, this time I decided to blog about it before it gets disappeared again in my refrigerator.
gulkand ice cream
I am posting a very simple eggless and no churn gulkand ice cream recipe which I prepared following my basic Ice cream recipe.I use the same Ice cream base to prepare the Mango Ice cream and it turns quite creamy and delicious.Following the same base one can prepare various flavors like Chocolate, Pistachio, Butterscotch,Strawberry, Mixed berry, Paan etc.I hope I will try other flavors and post them in my blog at least in near future,till then enjoy my easy home made gulkand ice cream.
gulkand ice cream
Here is how to prepare Gulkand Ice cream recipe with step by step photos:
Eggless Gulkand Ice Cream Recipe:
yields: 12-15 scoops | Author: Prathibha
Prep time: 20 mins | Cooking time: NIL | Total time: 20 mins + freezing time
Cuisine: Indian | Category: Desserts/Ice Creams

2 cups heavy Whipping Cream,chilled
1/2 cup full cream Milk,boiled and cooled
1/2 cup Condensed milk
5-6 tbsp Gulkand/Rose petal jam
few drops of rose essence,optional

  • Chill a large bowl with the beating blades in the freezer for an hour or two.
  • Reserve 2 tbsp of Gulkand and grind 1/4 cup Gulkand with full cream milk to a smooth puree.
  • Pour the heavy whipping cream to the chilled bowl and whisk it with the electric whisker until it forms soft peaks.
  • Add condensed milk, rose essence(if using),ground gulkand puree and reserved gulkand to the whipped cream and gently fold it until the mixture is uniform.You can even use the electric whisker but I prefer to fold to maintain the creaminess of ice cream.You can taste the mixture at this point and add more condensed milk if you need.
  • Pour it into a freezer safe box and cover it with lid tightly and freeze it for 7-8 hours until it is set.
Scoop it and serve.

  1. This ice cream is set at once and hence try to whip the cream until soft peaks and fold the rest of the ingredients into the whipped cream gently whip helps in getting a creamy ice cream.
  2. You can even use rose syrup while mixing the ingredients which helps in giving a nice rose colored ice cream.As I did not have it I have not used it.
  3. Also adding rose essence gives a nice flavor to the ice cream, do not skip it.
  4. You can add sugar instead of condensed milk but I prefer the condensed milk as it gives nice creaminess to ice creams.

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Mango Pannacotta Recipe using Agar Agar | Layered Mango Pannacotta

mango pannacotta
Mango Pannacotta recipe using agar agar with step by step photos. Pannacotta is one of my favorite desserts and it is my go to dessert when I am confused which dessert to prepare for  the guests. I have already posted Vanilla Pannacotta which was always well received by my guests.I always demould the pannacotta and serve it with fresh fruit pieces and fruit reserves or berry coulis and hence it makes the dessert look even more tempting with minimum work.One can set the dessert either in small glass jar with both the layers of mango and vanilla(or coconut) one above the other or can set it in an angle like how I did to make it look more pretty.
layered mango pannacotta
I personally do not like hard pannacottas, for me the consistency should neither be runny nor hard.I like it soft, smooth and creamy kind of texture in my pannacotta. I always use China grass strands for pannacotta and always succeeded with the measurements as mentioned in the recipe to get the perfect texture.But I felt when it comes to agar agar powder you need to be bit experimental and decide on the quantity to get the texture you like. I had tried it once with 2 tsp agar agar powder for the mentioned quantity of milk(liquid) and I find the pannacotta bit hard and not for my liking and hence I mentioned 1.5 tsp of agar agar powder in the recipe. If you are sure of the quantity of powder for the amount of liquid, you please proceed with your measurements following the recipe.
vegan mango pannacotta

I have tried both the versions of Mango Pannacotta - using cream and the Vegan Mango Pannacotta using Coconut milk and I must say that I like the version with the cream more as it was more creamy compared to the vegan version and is my personal preference. However I am posting both the regular version using cream and the vegan version of mango panncaotta using coconut milk so that one can adapt either of the two versions according to their choice.
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mango pannacotta
Here is how to prepare  Mango Pannacotta recipe using agar agar with step by step photos:
Mango Pannacotta Recipe using Agar Agar:

Serves 10-12 | Author: Prathibha
Prep time: 15 mins | Cooking time: 15 mins | Total time: 30 mins + standing time
Cuisine: International | Category: Desserts

for Mango layer:
2 large ripen Alphonsos,peeled and chopped
1/3 cup Water
1/4 cup Sugar
5 gms Agar-Agar strands or 1.5 tsp Agar Agar powder or 1 tsp Gelatine
juice of 1/2 Lemon

for Cream layer:
1 cup(250 ml) fresh full fat Cream,25%-30%
1 cup(250 ml) full fat Milk
1/2 cup Sugar
1 Vanilla bean or 2 tsp Vanilla extract
1/3 cup Water
5 gms Agar-Agar strands or 1.5 tsp Agar Agar powder or 1 tsp Gelatine

for Coconut cream layer-Vegan version(instead of cream layer):
1 cup Water
1 cup thick Coconut milk
1/2 cup Sugar
1/8 tsp Salt
1.5 tsp Agar Agar powder or 5gms Agar Agar strands

for Mango layer:
  • If you are using china grass sheets, cut them into tiny pieces and soak them in 1/3 cup water for half an hour.If you are using gelatine or agar agar powder just mix the powder in 2 tbsp HOT water.
  • Peel and cut the mangoes into cubes and grind it to a smooth puree in the mixie.Measure it to get 2 cups of Puree.
  • Remove the extra water from china grass mixture and keep enough water(2-3 tbsp) and boil the china grass mixture by mixing it continuously until the china grass melts and blends into the water.
  • Add sugar to the mixture and let it dissolve completely and add the mango puree to the mixture until it becomes hot(not bubbling) and switch off the flame.Add lemon juice to it and mix nicely.
  • Pour the mixture into individual small glass jars until they are filled into half. I have kept the jars in a muffin tray at an angle and poured the mixture and let it set until the time you prepare the cream layer.
for Cream layer:
  • If you are using china grass sheets, cut them into tiny pieces and soak them in 1/3 cup water for half an hour.If you are using gelatine or agar agar powder just mix the powder in 2 tbsp HOT water.
  • In a thick pot add milk and cream together and bring the mixture to a boil on low flame.
  • Add sugar to it and also add scraped Vanilla pod(or vanilla essence) to the mixture and mix well until the sugar dissolves.
  • Meanwhile if you are using china grass,remove the extra water and keep enough water(2-3 tbsp) and boil the china grass mixture by mixing it continuously until the china grass melts and blends into the water.
  • Remove the vanilla cream mixture off the heat.Add the strained melted china grass(agar-agar or gelatine) mixture and mix well immediately and keep it hot.
  • Pour the mixture in the glass jars on the mango layer and let them come to a room temperature.
  • Cover it with cling wrap or lids and keep it refrigerated for a minimum of 5-6 hrs or you can even keep it overnight.
for Coconut layer - Vegan version:
  • If you are using china grass sheets, cut them into tiny pieces and soak them in 1/3 cup water for half an hour.If you are using agar agar powder just mix the powder in the water and bring it to a boil.
  • Add sugar and let it dissolve completely.
  • Now add coconut milk and salt and mix nicely and let it come to a boil,you do not need to make it bubbling.
  • Add salt and mix it nicely.
  • Pour the mixture in the glass jars on the mango layer and let them come to a room temperature.
  • Cover it with cling wrap or lids and keep it refrigerated for a minimum of 5-6 hrs or you can even keep it overnight.
Garnish with small mango cubes and mint leaves.Serve it chilled.

  1. I used small glass jars so I did not grease them but if you want to unmold you can grease the bowls before pouring the mixture.Run the knife around the set pannacotta and gently tap it onto the serving plate.
  2. It is a basic thumb rule to use 5gms of China grass for half liter of milk and hence I used the same measurements even for Pannacotta and I got really soft,silky and smooth dessert. 
  3. Do not add melted china grass mixture to the cream mixture when it is boiling,this might curdle the mixture.It is always advised to add it only after it is removed from the stove.Always strain the china grass mixture as they contain small particles of undissolved china grass in it.
  4. The addition of lemon is optional.But I highly recommend to use it as it lifts the mango flavor in the dessert.
  5. You can add 1/3 cup of orange juice while blending mango,it enhances the mango flavor in the dessert.
  6. For a VEGAN version avoid Gelatine in the recipe and use the coconut layer method instead of the cream layer method.
mango pannacotta

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Eggless Coconut Cookies Recipe | Eggless Cookie Recipes

coconut cookies
Eggless Coconut Cookies Recipe with step by step photos.I rarely baked cookies all these years because we were calorie conscious and was always worried about the amount of butter used in the preparation of cookies.Now I have a toddler at home who is fond of all these baked goodies and hence started baking more than before these days.Though he is fond of only chocolate based bakes like chocolate cake, choco chip cookies etc I am bitten with the baking bug that I am baking breads,cakes and cookies crazily these days.
eggless coconut cookies
I love all the cookie varieties,buns,breads,cakes that are available in Bangalore Iyengar bakeries and the Coconut cookies are one of them.Today I am posting the recipe of  Coconut cookies using  dessicated coconut, the recipe is very quick and easy and is also versatile. I have used regular flour in the recipe but one can easily substitute it with wheat flour.You can add raisins, dried cranberries or chopped cashews while making the dough and it adds a nice bite to the cookies. I have few more cookie recipes in my drafts that I will post them some time later.
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eggless coconut cookies
Here is how to prepare eggless coconut cookies recipe with step by step photos:
Eggless Coconut Cookies Recipe:
yields 20 small cookies
Prep time: 20 mins | Baking time: 20 mins | Total time: 40 mins
Cuisine: Indian | Category: Cookies

1 cup All purpose flour
2 tsp Corn flour
1/8 tsp Baking Soda
1/3 cup Dessicated coconut
1/3 cup Butter, at room temperature
1/3 cup Sugar,powdered
1/2 tsp Vanilla Essence
2-3 tsp Milk
2 tbsp Dessicated coconut,for topping

  • Sieve flour with corn flour and baking soda a couple of times and keep aside.
  • Cream the butter with powdered sugar until creamy and pale and then add vanilla essence and beat again.
  • Add the sieved flour mixture and dessicated coconut(1/3 cup) and mix until the mixture resembles the crumbs.Now add a couple of teaspoons of milk and mix until it forms a dough, do not over mix it.
  • Preheat the oven at 180 deg C for 10 mins.
  • Place a parchment paper on the cookie tray and keep it ready.
  • Spread 2 tbsp dessicated coconut in a plate.
  • Make small balls out of the dough and roll the balls on one side in the dessicated coconut and place the doughy side does(coconut side up) on the tray and gently press it. Repeat the same and prepare all the cookies and place them at a distance giving them enough space to raise while baking.
  • I do not like if the cookies spread more and hence I usually refrigerate the cookie tray for 5-7 mins in the refrigerator, however this step is optional.But if you feel the dough is slightly wet it is advised to keep the dough in the refrigerator,this avoids the cookies get spread more while baking.
  • Bake it in the oven at 170 deg C for 15-18 mins, keep an eye on the cookies after 10-12 mins.The moment you see the brown patches at the edges and at the bottom of the cookies, it is time to bring them out of the oven.
  • The cookies might be slightly soft to touch on top but when they are cooled they will be perfect.Cool the cookies on the sheet for a while and then remove them carefully and place on the wire rack to cool further.Once they are cooled completely store them in an air tight container.
Serve them with a glass of milk or as a snack.

  1. Replace all purpose flour with wheat flour for a healthy variation. I always prepare these cookies with wheat flour and very rarely I prepare them with the maida.
  2. You can add raisins or dried canberries to the cookie dough, they add nice bite to the cookies.
  3. The amount of sugar mentioned is perfect for us as I like my cookies slightly sweetened.But if you want them sweet you can increase sugar upto 1/2 cup.
  4. You can increase the butter quantity to 1/2 cup for buttery cookies but this quantity is right enough for us.
  5. The addition of cornflour makes the cookies light, hence I highly recommend to use it.
eggless coconut cookies

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Drumstick leaves Rice | Murungai Keerai Sadam | Drumstick leaves Recipes

drumstick leaves rice
Drumstick leaves rice recipe with step by step photos.Drumstick leaves has very good amount of Iron and it is a powerhouse of nutritional values and hence it is advised to include it often in our diet. But it is a very tedious process to remove the leaves from the stems otherwise these leaves have a peculiar taste compared to other greens.It was difficult for me to get these greens regularly when I was in Mumbai but I am enjoying these greens in Singapore. So, when ever I make a trip to little India I always load my bags with all the various greens like drumstick leaves, gongura leaves, palak, methi etc.
Though it is tedious to pluck the drumstick leaves but it is worth the effort because of the nutrients provided by these greens to us.
drumstick leaves rice
My mom prepares drumstick leaves curry, stir fry, rasam, drumstick leaves podi and add it to the dosa batter and adai batter to prepare dosas.Most of the times I end up making dosa or curry with them but when I get it in large quantities I prepare drumstick leaves rice variety or podi so that I can eat it on daily basis for long time.I prepare this rice in a similar way as I prepare curry leaves rice so one can adapt the same recipe to prepare curry leaves rice by replacing the drumstick leaves with the curry leaves in the recipe.
drumstick leaves rice
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murungai keerai sadam
Here is how to prepare drumstick leaves rice recipe with step by step photos:
Drumstick leaves Rice Recipe | Munagaku Rice:

Serves 2 | Author: Prathibha
Prep time: 15 mins | Cooking time: 30 mins | Total time: 45 mins
Cuisine: South Indian | Category: Main course - Rice variety

1 cup Sonamasuri/ Raw Ponni(or equivalent)
2-2.25 cups Drumstick leaves
5-6 Cashewnuts,broken
1 tbsp Chana dal
2 tsp Urad dal
1/2 tsp Mustard seeds
2 tbsp Oil,preferably Sesame Oil
Salt,to taste

to roast and grind:
1 tbsp Chana dal
2 tsp Urad dal
1 tsp Cumin seeds
1 tsp Pepper corns
4 Red chilies
1.5 tsp Tamarind
2-3 tbsp Sesame seeds, optional

  • Wash and soak rice for half an hour and cook it as you wish.I cook the rice in the rice cooker by adding 2.5 cups of water and it comes out nice and fluffy.Cool the rice.
  • Dry roast chana dal and urad dal until they turn brown and then add cumin seeds, peppercorns and red chilies and fry further until they are fried and the red chilis starts getting black spots.Add sesame seeds and tamarind and fry for another minute.Cool them and add salt and grind it into a coarse powder.
  • Remove the leaves from the stems of drumstick leaves and wash them nicely and drain off the excess water.
  • In the same pan add a tsp of oil and add the drumstick leaves and fry them until they turn slightly crispy, do not cover the pan else the leaves will turn soft.Continue frying until the leaves becomes slightly crisp,it will take roughly 8-10 mins.
  • Cool them and add to the powdered spices and grind again to a powder.
  • In a big kadai heat oil and crackle mustard seeds and add chana dal and urad dal and fry until they slightly red in color and then add broken cashewnuts and fry until they turn golden brown in color. Now add the ground drumstick leaves powder mixture to it and mix nicely and cook for a minute.At this stage you can store this mixture for 8-10 days in the refrigerator and use the required amount of mixture when required.
  • Now add the cooled rice to the drumstick leaves mixture and mix it nicely.
Serve it with fryums.

  1. You can avoid sesame seeds if you want but it gives a nice balanced taste to the rice.
  2. When I get hold of drumstick leaves I usually make this mixture in large quantity and store it in refrigerator.So all I need to do when I want a variety rice is to mix with cooked rice and it is ready.
  3. You can prepare the curry leaves rice in the same process by replacing the drumstick leaves with the curry leaves.
drumstick leaves rice
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Easy Mango Ice cream Recipe | No Churn Homemade Mango Icecream

mango ice cream
Mango Ice cream recipe with step by step photos.I always look forward for Mango season for obvious reasons, I love this king of the fruits so much that I don't mind eating them for every meal. While we both(myself and the kiddo) are big fans of this fruit and love to eat it by itself, DH does not like to eat the fruit but he loves the mango in the form of Mango LassiMango Ice-cream or Mango Kulfi. So every summer I prepare the Mango Ice-cream and Mango Kulfi with out fail for DH sake so that he can also enjoy the mangoes.
I have already posted a Mango Ice-cream recipe where the ingredients are same but the preparation process is slightly different, it needed to be churned twice to get the creamy texture.In today's post I am sharing the Mango Ice cream recipe which does not need churning and it is made out of heavy cream which is whisked nicely before it is mixed with the mango pulp which helps in giving a nice creamy texture to the ice cream.Prepare this delicious and creamy mango ice cream and enjoy it until the season lasts!
mango ice cream
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Here is how to prepare Mango Ice cream recipe with step by step photos:
Homemade Mango Ice cream Recipe:
yields:1 medium tub | Author: Prathibha
Prep time: 20 mins | Cooking time: N/A | Total time: 20 mins + setting time 8-10 hrs
Cuisine: Indian | Category: Desserts

3 large Alphonso Mangoes
1 cup Condensed milk
1 cup Heavy cream/Whipping cream(30% fat)
2-3 tbsp Sugar,if needed(optional)
1-2 tbsp Milk

  • Keep a large bowl and the whisk blades in the freezer for an hour.Chill the heavy whipping cream too overnight.
  • Wash, peel and chop the mangoes and grind it with condensed milk,milk and sugar to a smooth puree.
  • Now whip the cream in the chilled bowl until you get soft peaks.It tastes approximately 8-10 mins.
  • Now add mango puree to the cream and gently fold until you get a uniform mixture.
  • Now pour the mixture in a freezer safe box or an Aluminium Icecream box with lid and cover it tightly with the cling wrap and keep it in freezer for 6-8 hours undisturbed.
While serving remove the box/tin and leave it on the counter for 2-3 mins and scoop out the ice cream and serve it chilled.You can add the toppings of your choice - nuts, mango sauce or mango cubes and enjoy!!

  1. You can use tinned mango pulp if you do not get fresh mangoes.
  2. Kesar mangoes or Karnataka Badami variety of mangoes are good alternatives to alphonso mangoes.
  3. You can use Amul cream if you are in India but make sure you whip the cream nicely until it is slightly stiff and follow the same process.
  4. The addition of sugar enhances the sweetness and taste of the ice cream and I recommend to add it.
  5. Do not add more milk while grinding, if you can avoid adding milk while grinding it is good too.
  6. If you have mango essence you can add that while whisking the cream.
  7. We are using double cream or heavy whipping cream to prepare this ice cream and whisk it nicely until semi stiff peaks which gives rich and creamy ice cream. In case you do not get heavy cream use the regular cream and follow the same process and once the mixture is semi solid say after 2-3 hours whisk it again to a smooth puree and freeze it again.This ensures that you get creamy ice free icecream.
  8. You can create various flavors by just replacing the mango puree with various fruit purees or nuts to prepare various ice cream flavors.
mango ice cream
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