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Sambar Powder Recipe - Karnataka style

I have already posted a version of Sambar powder which is my MIL's version and is typical Andhra style and today I am posting my mom's version.My mom prepares the sambar powder in a huge quantity and she gets it powdered in a mill and this easily lasts for an year and she even gives me from her supply.This sambar powder is very flavorful and we use the same for sambar as well as few rasam varieties like Bele Saaru , Holige Saaru,Tomato Rasam etc.This version of Sambar powder is quite different from my earlier recipe Andhra style Sambar powder and this is a typical Karnataka style preparation.You need to follow the exact measurements and hence I suggest you to buy the ingredients fresh with the exact measurements.It is laborious process but its worth the effort and makes it convenient for you for a long time.

Sambar Powder Recipe:
shelf life : 1 year

1 kg Coriander seeds
1/2 kg Byadige Red chillies(for color)
1/2 kg Guntur Red chillies(spicier variety)
150 gms Cumin seeds
150 gms Peppercorns
100 gms Fenugreek seeds
50 gms Mustard seeds
50 gms Turmeric sticks
1 packet(50 gms) Asafoetida(good quality rock variety,LG or similar)
1 cup Curry leaves
1 tsp Oil,to roast

  • In a kadai/pan dry roast each variety - cumin seeds,pepper corns,fenugreek seeds,mustard seeds separately until they pop up and get roasted and keep them separately.
  • Dry curry leaves nicely and dry roast until they are crisp and no moisture is seen.
  • Dry the turmeric sticks in sun nicely and keep them ready.
  • Heat 1/2 tsp oil in the pan and add coriander seeds and fry them until they turn slight brown in color and remove them and keep aside.
  • Heat 1/2 tsp oil in the same pan and add both the varieties of red chillies and fry them until they turn red and remove them and keep aside.
  • Break the asafoetida into small pieces and keep them aside.
  • Let all the ingredients come to room temperature.
  • Mix all the ingredients and get them ground in a flour mill or grind the ingredients in a mixer in small batches to a fine powder.
  • Sieve the powder if necessary.Spread it on a wide deep bottomed vessel and dry it in shade for a day.
  • Store the sambar powder in an air tight container or in small pouches in refrigerator.
Use it in the recipe as required.

  1. Because of the humidity in Mumbai I usually keep the big pack of Sambar powder in a ziplock bag in fridge and take out small portion in to an air tight container and use it on daily basis.This way it stays fresh and also not get spoilt.
  2. Use the measurements correctly to get aromatic Sambar powder.
  3. The addition of Byadige chillies gives the nice red color to the sambar,so do not miss using them.
  4. You can grind 1/3 cup of grated coconut with a large tomato and 2 tbsp of sambar powder and add to any vegetable sambar,it tastes delicious and gives the typical Karnataka style sambar.
  5. You can use this sambar powder in various vegetable curries/stir fries and also to make spicy chapatis like theplas,onion chapati etc.
  6. If you do not get turmeric sticks use same quantity of turmeric powder in the recipe.
  7. You can easily make half quantity by reducing the ingredients to half.
  8. Use good quality rock form of strong Asafoetida for an aromatic sambar powder.
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  1. Sambar powder color looks so gud ..very flavorful powder ....

  2. loved that first click...perfect podi

  3. Looks delicious, I just tried it. It is sure to stay as the style of podi to prepare Sambhar @ our home too :) tooooo goooood!

  4. Must be so tasty. I love the South Indian sambhar with vegetables.

    I am now following you also on Bloglovin.

  5. till now i thought it was a big deal to prepare it at home, you made it easy for me. Thank you very much

  6. Superb sambhar powder i made it adding 100gms methi seeds which gives more flavour to the sambhar.

  7. Can you post the sambhar recipe which accompanies idli(made with idli rava) in bangalore hotels?

  8. No channa dal no urad dhal ....if I add how much quantity I should add,why we add them to sambar pudi

  9. It is o.k.but I don't use 1 k.g coriander seeds for 1 kg is around 650-750 gsm.i think it is enough. Thank you.


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